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Hair Regrowth

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Yes, I know, I have lots of questions! You can tell by the other posts I have on here. One month ago, my husband completed his 7 rounds of chemo and 35 radiation treatments to the neck area. Prior to treatments he had a beard. Does anyone have any idea if the facial hair will grow back? Also, how long does it normally take before the hair on your head starts growing back?

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The hair on my head started growing back about 2-3 months after I finished radiation/chemo. I am a female so I can't answer for the beard. I can only assume it would be about the same amount of time. Everyone is different though. Hope this helps.

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I am 10 months post treament myself and my neck hair has yet to return.....saves on razor blades!
I think the hair on the head will come back sooner(I never lost mine)if it was from the chemo. Radiation has longer lasting effects.


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Paff: I was bolted down to a table during my rads, wearing a fiberglass sort of mask. Between that and the chemo, I lost NO hair from my head. However, I did lose facial hair. When my beard came back, it grew only above my jawline which, as someone else who has posted points out, saves some on razor bills :)

Of more interest to me, prior to my surgery and other treatment, I had started to look like Stephen Speilberg: nearly all grey hair, certainly all white beard. AFTERWARDS, the hair on my head is darker and my beard is clearly black/brown.

Strange, but true. I am sure it is a bit different for everyone.

As for WHEN it started growing back, I never lost hair off my head, and never worried about hair on my face...I had bigger concerns!

Take care.

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Hi Paff,
Like MLC53, my head hair started growing back about 2-3 months after treatments. Wouldn't know about facial hair. Best of luck,

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In 2004 I had the same amount of radiation treatmets to my head aswell.The majority of the radiation was to the right side of my head. I can no longer grow any facial hair on the right side of my face. It's weird though because I can grow some on the left side and I am able to grow some hair on my chin. It was frustrating for awhile because overtime I grew found of my sideburns/beard, but now It's kind of convenient It takes less time to get ready only having to shave half of my face and I no longer get those ridiculous razor bumps on my neck.It sucks but whatcha gonna do.

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i did not have chemo and am female so no facial hair, however I did notice in addition to losing hair in the front and back of my head- which a year later grew back. i did no have to pluck my eyebrows- lol although now i do!

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I am with others here. Below the jaw line - VERY thin, slow growing - virtually non-existent.

I used to grow a beard every winter - live in Massachusetts - a beard is nice in the winter months for all that I do outside - run, ski, split wood, etc...

Do not think it is coming back.

As for the rest of my head - Top of my head is no different. I was pretty bald before - am still - .... LOL

Best to all.

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I think the facial hair will not be returning. I still have hair in the moustache and goatee area but those areas were not radiated. the sides and neck were radiated and have shown no signs of hair regrowth.


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