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Food Supplement starting with J

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I am trying to find out the name of a food supplement that begins with the letter j. I read a post on here yesterday where someone mentioned it, but I can't find the post now and I failed to write down the name of it. Does anyone have any ideas what it might be? Thank you.

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I am taking Jevity through my peg tube. Your doctor can prescribe it and call it into your insurance company. then your insurance company will ship it directly to your home for a whole month's supply based on how many cans per day your doctor recommends. it isn't so great to drink though. i drink chocolate ensure if i don't feel like using the peg tube all the time. it tastes better. your doctor can call in more than one prescription for all these supplements. i receive both from my insurance company. hope this helps.

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MLC is right on. I suspect too that you are seeking Jevity. I agree with MLC, too, that is not something you really want to take orally. But it is great for the PEG tube. Please be advised that it comes in at least three caloric intakes, 1.2, 1.5, and 2.0. You might want to consult a nutritionist, if available, and set up a plan for which of these your hub needs and how often per day. (I was taking 1.2 originally, two cans four times daily, but when I turned out to be a bad boy who missed his 'feedings', they eventually switched me from 1.2 to 1.5 and finally to 2.0).

A nutritionist can be a great help in this regard, and can also suggest some other things that you can add to the tube, fruity smoothies, broths, and so forth, as well as stuff that your hub can start to consider consuming orally.

MLC's other point should be considered pivotal as well: your insurer may cover the cost of these Jevity feedings entirely if you get your doctors to prescribe them, which shouldn't be a problem. Alternatively, you might look into support in that area from a local cancer organization...they do amazing things!

Otherwise, if I did not mishear recently, the Jevity may cost you about $1,200 a month!

Good luck!

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