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Grace of a New Year

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Happy, Healthy New Year to you all! I wished my husband a happy new year, and being the pessimist that he is, he just said, "So what? We'll just be doing the same things we did last year." Well, I just had to say something there. I told him, "I'm here to be doing the same things I did last year, and if that's not a blessing, I don't know one when I see one." He had to agree. So let's stay positive and count each blessing we are given, every sunrise and every sunset. Each time our dog makes us laugh and every time we can smile at a stranger. Love you all.

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You are so right. I sometimes have a difficult time trying to convince my wife that we need to enjoy the moment and not worry about the little things. Each day is a blessing. I will no longer complain about getting older.


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I'm so thankful for each and every day. Give me the same ol' same ol', I'll take it.

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Amen... God Bless

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