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I am from Barcelona,and my mother has a Liver Cancer due to VHC, two nodles of 5,6cm and 4,8cm, and here in Spain is not possible the Tranplant because of the strong Hospital Protocol. I like to know if this is possible in USA, or any information about it. My e-mail is jxarles@cosmotex.net. Thank you for your help, regards.

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I'm sorry , I don't know what VHC is, however my husband had a liver resection here in October for colon cancer mets and I do know that liver transplants are done here (USA) in certain cases of primary liver cancer, but not for secondary liver cancer. He is currently NED(no evidence of disease) following 9 chemo treatments with avastin, xelox and oxalplatinum. You might want to do a search on various hospitals ( some big ones here would be Sloan Kettering in NYC, MD Anderson in TX , etc and perhaps contact them to review your mom's case. I sent cds of ct's to various doctors to look at. I finally found one who would operate. It's worth being persistant. Good luck and God Bless.

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