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reply to foxy----who yu callin' an oldie gal?

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Hullo all. First of all I want to send you all rainbows and huggs(you oldies know 'bout tha rainbows). Then to everyone please have the very best xmas and an even better new year. Jen and I wish you the very best in the years to come and pray with all our hearts that those of you battling hard times right now can overcome the beast.
As to an answer for foxy (Virginia) as to my whereabouts. Well gal....in some ways I am ashamed that I am unable to be here with our friends for support. Quite unacceptable behaviour for me but unfortunately/fortunately...well, whichever way you look at things, my life has been saved and I am grasping it with both hands.
That is not to say I have forgotten everyone I have met here nor want to ever forget! I came here in late 2003 and as the "oldies" would know I spent many a midnight to dawn posting. I really wish I had the time to stay longer but it is not possible. I do not want to make excuses but many of you know the changes that have happened in our lives here, particularly in the last 12 months. I often go away to work and am now highly involved in fire fighting at a communication/resource and logistitic level. No, I don't actually fight fires but am on standby/callout 24 hours a day for comms/management etc. Bushfies are unfortunately a daily hazard/occurance here with 2 major fires in the past 2 weeks.
Contact with many I have come to know here has faded a little but I guess as others said in your recent post foxy.....many have renewed lives. This is a good thing....and so encouraging to our new friends here doing hard times.
Jen and I are very sad to hear that Kerry is not doing so well....so if you are able to read this Kerry....our love and prayers to you.
Guys n gals, it is after midnight here and I must zzzz. BUT.....our love goes out to you all.
be safe and be well
Ross and Jen

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Aw, Ross! How I have missed you! But, as you said, we get on with our lives, and I am happy to hear that things are moving for you (a bit too fast, at times it sounds like...lol!).

Please give Jen a hug for me. And a Merry Christmas to all of you 'down under'!

Hugs, Kathi

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Aw! thas nice of you Kathi! I probably won't get too many replies with everyone busy getting ready for festivities but thats ok. The important thing is that all have a great day.
It is 6.10am xmas morning here, Jen is still zzzzzing and I have sore throat, grrr! Metinks a cold coming on, fancy that on xmas day....lol!
We are travelling with friends today on our motorcycles to enjoy a xmas lunch by the river(our only large river) about 100klms away, kind of a xmas tradition. We have our daughter for xmas dinner tonight and catch up with our 2 sons in the next day or so...they live about 150 klms away. They and their gals have xmas day with their gals parents.
Yes, very fast here....this week we have forecast over 100 deg. F for friday thru to monday and both Jen and I will be on call/standby for fires.
Maybe my new years resolution should be to visit CSN more often....of that I will surely try. Have a great day tomorrow Kathi.
luv n huggs, Ross n Jen

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G'day Ross and Jen(and Virginia),
A merry christmas to you all and best wishes for the new year. For me it cannot come quickly enough. I may be on my own but my wife still relies on me for friendship and support. Last week was was particularly terrible when her youngest sister was killed in a car crash at Biloela. It fell to Sue and I to tell her seventy year old mother that her baby would not be coming home. Life sucks.
I wish you Jen , Virginia and all of my friends on survivor net a happy and healthy 08.

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hey ross,
good to hear from you.
you are missed but it is understandable.
all my best to you and jen.
be well
never,ever give up!!

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