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I have recenlty been diagnosed with this rare cancer. I have been told that it is normally found in children. I am way past the childhood phase of life. If anyone has any expirence with this please pass it on.

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I encourage you to do a search of the CSN site (entering ganglioneuroblastoma in the search bar at the top of the page). You may find others who have had a similar experience that you would like to contact. You can contact others on the site through the internal CSN email system. For more information on all of the CSN functions, including email, click on the help link at the top of this page.

I wish you the best on your treatment.

Take care,


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Neuroblastomas happen to be a type of tumour that can be found in children but can also occur in adults although not as high a frequency from what I gather. This research may be of interest to you or your oncologist:

2000: Negative cross-talk between p53 and the glucocorticoid receptor and its role in neuroblastoma cells

• “....The tumour suppressor p53 and the glucocorticoid receptor (GR) respond to different types of stress. We found that dexamethasone-activated endogenous and exogenous GR inhibit p53-dependent functions, including transactivation, up- (Bax and p21WAF1/CIP1) and down- (Bcl2) regulation of endogenous genes, cell cycle arrest and apoptosis. GR forms a complex with p53 in vivo, resulting in cytoplasmic sequestration of both p53 and GR. In neuroblastoma (NB) cells, cytoplasmic retention and inactivation of wild-type p53 involves GR. p53 and GR form a complex that is dissociated by GR antagonists, resulting in accumulation of p53 in the nucleus, activation of p53-responsive genes, growth arrest and apoptosis. These results suggest that molecules that efficiently disrupt GR–p53 interactions would have a therapeutic potential for the treatment of neuroblastoma and perhaps other diseases in which p53 is sequestered by GR.”

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