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Update on my Mom

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well my moms ankles are swollen up (what can she do to help this?), she barely can stand and walks a little with assistance, she is still in good spirits, still pain, they put a patch on her called fentanol 100 micro (what ever that means) she still gets break through meds every 8 to 12 hours, we will find out tomorrow if she is coming home this week,she is eating liquids (thick ones) broths, cream of muchroom soups and bread. They still give her liquid antibiotics and my mom still has bowel movements. Any suggestions for us?

Thanks All

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well we meet with the nurses,paliative care on what will happen and what we need to have my mom come home with us. Any suggestions on what I should ask them on Wednesday?????

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Ask what you can do to make her comfortable and make sure you know what you are doing and if you don't know get someone that can help you. At least your Mom will be home for Christmas that is a blessing.

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It will be nice to get your mom home over the holidays. I wish I could be of help to you with ideas but I don't know anything about palitive care. I'm sure the nurse will be very thoughtful about helping you. Sending you hugs, Audrey.

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My mom was in palitive care. The nurses were really wonderful..so willing to help and answer questions. One of the things they did for my mom was to evaluated her pain meds and get her going on what really worked for her. They were so great at getting us set up on a pain med schedule. Also, they let us know that they were on call day or night. If they could not solve our problem over the phone, one of the nurses would then come out to the house. They also gave us ideas on what my mom might be able to eat, and they can get you any kind of equipment that you might need to make your mom more comfortable.(Like hospital bed, recliner, potty, those kinds of things) Good luck, and I am glad your mom will be home for the holidays.
God bless-

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