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Taxotere with Stage 4 Breast Cancer

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My sister just got her first treatment of Taxotere 9 days ago and had a week from hell. Her bone pain was extremely painfull, had severe constipation and is now extremely fatigued. She is on the upward swing, and this being the first time we learnt a lot. I wanted to ask everyone out there for some help on things that I may be able to do for her to help during the next 5 cycles of treatment that she is scheduled for. Does the fatigue get better, how about the pain? Are there things that I can do for her (excercises, diet, etc). I love her to death, and it just breaks my heart to see her suffer. I am willing to do anything, so please help.
God Bless

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Taxotere! It is a powerful cancer-killing drug indeed. And thus, not without side affects, which your sweet sister is now experiencing. The fatigue is sad to say cumulative. I always say I went from tired to fatigued to some place only the writers of the Twilight Zone or X-Files could have conjured up. But the good news is, it does reverse itself! But in the meanwhile, your sister will learn to pace herself. I had my energy spurt early in the morning, and by about noon I was down for the count. My b/f kept me healthy by making sure I ALWAYS had water to sip all day long. Most of us will tell you that it is important that your sister keep her system flushed and hydrated. I was able to tolerate small peices of vitamin packed fresh fruit as a mid-day snack.
The best advice? Keep the Dr's phone number close by and don't be afraid to call! The chemo RNs are an amazing group of caregivers, and are on the front line in the advice department. No need to be constipated, nauseated, or in pain~ call the Dr and get a recommendation. I called at 2AM on a Saturday. Of course my Dr wasn't there, but the on-call oncologist was, and suggested good old Milk of Magnesia for the constipation.
The Taxotere, as well as the other goodies in the chemo-cocktail are waging battle against the Beast...hugs and healing to your sister. And bless you for caring so much about her and her survivorship. Come back anytime, and if your sister feels up to it, invite her too. We also have a chatroom...it got me thorough many of the scary and down times during treatment. And I have made lifelong friends.


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Hi Sha, how wonderful to have such a caring sister such as yourself. I too had severe bone pain with the taxotere as well as my mouth felt like it was on fire. You might want to ask her dr about gabapentin which might help as it is used for neurological pain. It did take the edge off for me but in the end I used morphine. Sparingly though as it is constipating.

For myself, the first taxotere treatment was the worst. About the fatigue? I just rested when I needed to. Some suggest a short walk or a bit of exercise to help. I did what I could when I felt up to it. No doubt about it, it sucks. Claudia is right. Get a hold of her oncologist or RN for advice. There are meds that may help.

Best of luck to you both, tell her we all send hugs and prayers.

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