A Little Hope for the holidays

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Here is a little hope for the Holidays...

Last year I was Dx with Stage2 Rectal Cancer on Oct. 31st ...like many of you I've dealt with the Anxiety, 2 surgeries...radiation treatments and months of chemotherapy with associated side effects.

But today I am healthy; and because of that I will live for today. I've seen it written in postings before - that we must live for and enjoy today.

So for all of you who are new to this world of semi-colons; have hope. You will find many testaments to hope, like mine, within this discussion group.


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    AMAN!!!! TO THAT... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!!! In Gods Love.... Barbara
  • kmygil
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    You are so right. Late last summer I sat on my deck wondering if I would see the hummingbirds and my favorite trees again. And here I am, 2 cancers later, back at work and loving life. Almost everything that seemed so huge and stressful back then seems so trivial and almost comical. No more road rage, even. I am enjoying every day, every beautiful thing, and cherishing my family like never before.

    So yes, have hope, and Merry Christmas to everyone!!!! -Kirsten
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    good words to rememver. I often get so wrapped up in this diease, I forget what gifts come before me that day. Today my kids are healthy, I get to spend the evening with them at swimming and my youngest will probabbly ask me to snuggle with him when he goes to bed. Before cancer, that all happen also, I just didn't take the time to realize it.
    Even if you are still battling to stop the growth, there are still daily blessings. I know that for sure.
    Merry Christmas CSN family.