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7 weeks post RP wet and upset

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I leak, drip and experience pain at the tip of penis when I urinate. Most upsetting is the fact that I often have a weak stream and I still have to get up during the night and urinate at least twice.

I have not done the Kegels "religiously" for the last 3 weeks, but intend to from this point foward.

Any thoughts?- has anyone else been this far from surgery and suffered a weak stream and the need to urinate multiple times during the night? Pain in the tip of the penis while urinating?
Hope to hear your thoughts on the above.

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I'm three years out and only go once in the night now. The healing can take quite a while. The pain may be here for a while. It will eventually go away. Seven weeks is still very recent for major abdominal surgery. I was about a full year before all systems were recovered to the point they are at today. Some issues will always be with you but I doubt that your biggest complaints will be so bad after you have more time to heal. Be patient. Do the excercises, take care of yourself, stay healthy and let go of any anger. Take some deep breaths and let things shake out.

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Thank you very much for your response. Your sharing your experience and insight were most appreciated.

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I am seven weeks out from RP as well. I went pee 2-3 times a night for the first four weeks. It was like my bladder shrunk. Now, I only get up once, or sometimes not at all. It seems to be stretching again. My abdominal pain has really subsided, but I still get some pain deep inside, it seems, where they reconnected the bladder to the urethra (anastamosis). If I regularly take Motrin (600 mg, 3x a day), it really helps. I still drip or leak, usually in later afternoon and evening. I'm dry all night, and dry all morning as long as I don't wait too long to go to the bathroom after having morning coffee! I'm down to 2 or 3 pads a day. I change often as I feel better about myself if I stay dry. I'm 44, so perhaps my younger age is helping in my quicker recovery.

Do the Kegels -- they help alot! I did mine while walking 1-2 miles a day for the first six weeks. I squeezed in and counted to ten while taking steps, holding for ten, then releasing slowly for ten, like I was going down an elevator slowly. It seems to have worked.

Weak stream could be scar tissue at the bladder neck. How long did you have the catheter?

Re: pain at penis tip -- is it irritated? Could be a side effect of the catheter or a fungal infection. Call your urologist -- he can probably explain what might be happening. I called mine after two weeks for some questions and he was glad to take my call!

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