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Just curious, where were you treated?

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As I read through these posts, I keep wondering at what hospital everyone was treated at?
I was treated at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee by Dr. Jill Gilbert(chemo) and Dr. Anthony Cmelak(radiation). I feel as I truely owe them my life and could not have asked for a more pleasant group of professionals to deal with while I went through all of this!


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OSF St. Anthony Medical Center, Rockford, IL

Dr. Bryan, Dr. Ferguson, Dr. Korkmaz - He fought with my insurance company and got me approved for Erbitux. He said I was the first one in Rockford to use it. Erbitux + Cisplatin, along with radiation, so far, have done their job. Thanks docs!

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After being misdiagnosed for over a month at our local hospital and having my ENT doctor miss what was happening, I was finally referred to OHSU, a big teaching hospital in Portland, OR...

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I think it's pretty common for doctors to look for smaller problems, before jumping right to cancer. I had a lump on the side of my neck. I was treated for an infection, for a month, and when that didn't work, they started looking for cancer. It took two PET scans to find the primary source (tonsil). Two ENT's with scopes couldn't see it.

It was 3 months from my first doctor visit, till my first treatment. The month lost in the beginning, had no effect on my recovery.

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Methodist Hospital in Houston, TX and all my doctors are part of the faculty at Baylor. Dr. Bobby Alford, ENT; Dr. G. Lynch, Oncologist; Dr. B. Butler, Radiology.

I consider myself lucky I have the doctors I have now because my tumor was rare and I was misdiagnosed for a long time. One of the first doctors actually said the pain and symptons were in my imagination. First ENT who removed the primary tumor said the pain a year after surgery was caused by stress of taking care of my little kids. When someone else found the tumor had grown back, that ENT actually told me he couldn't see me anymore. I though I was going to die.

My new ENT, Dr. Alford, took good care of me and still does. He gave me life again. Dr. Butler has been great and very compasionate with the radiation and Dr. Lynch keeps an eye on me since I have so many mets. I trust them 100%

I don't think I would be here without their help.

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In my case, the time lost in misdiagnoses made a lot of difference. I'd had a PET and CT scan last October to make sure the tongue cancer I'd had two years earlier hadn't come back...those scans in October were fine...but by Feb of this year, I was having problems with the teeth on the left side...I've always had weird things happening with my teeth so I thought nothing of it...and then I started passing out...a pacemaker, three admits to the local hospital and at the end of April, I was finally diagnosed with a massive tumor wrapped around my carotid...the tongue cancer which HAD spread...and by the time they found it and removed it, microscopic cells had spread...we're hoping the radiation got the rest...this was a super fast growing tumor and a month would have made a lot of difference...

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Better late than never??
I live in Mexico south of Tucson, Az. but came to Tucson for diagnosis, surgery and treatment.

These are the people that saved my life:

SECOND OPINION PATHOLOGY-M.D. Anderson Hospital-Houston, Dr. Mario Luna (SCC and HPV16 diagnosis was right-on)

Treatments in Tucson- Arizona Oncology-Chemo Oncologist Dr. Richard Rosenberg, Karen La Master-PA
Radiation Oncologist- Dr. Michael Manning, Oncology Nurse Jan Draper

Incredible technology, incredible people.

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