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We are fortunate

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Hi all -

In many ways we are so lucky. This site is wonderful, but many cancer survivors won't find much significant support and info on this site. I have a very good friend who was just diagnosed with bladder cancer. We are waiting to find out more and I am supporting him. I wish I could recommend this site, but there is not much in terms of BB support to recommend.

Did you ever think we were lucky to at least have a common cancer? The thought comes to mind. Send good vibes to my friend.

Take care,

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sending good thoughts for your friend,Betsy. Hoping all turns out ok . Yes we are fortunate to have a great support group, others unfortunately don't reap the many benefits. It would be terrible to have no one to share information with. Maybe, many people don't know this website exists. I think I found it by accident (thankfully) Bladder cancer is more "rare", but I'm sure there are more people out there than we may think. Take Care.

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Yes, I am lucky to have shared a cancer with you. Otherwise, we never would have met. I visited the prostate cancer board once --- Dullsville.

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Done and sent.

Yes, this IS a common cancer, but one that no one is allowed to speak of in polite company...we don't get alot of sympathy...I think that's why we congregate here....

And, as much as we try to help with others' cancers....they are so different, it is not an easy task to explain the side effects, etc....NO ONE else gets to experience stool in technicolor, I am sure!

Hugs to your friend. And to you.

Hugs, Kathi

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I am keeping your friend in my prayers. Let us know how he is doing and if there is anything we can do to help.


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lucky? to have a cancer without a cure?
I'd rather win the lottery, now that would be
lucky :)

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Hi -
Sorry you feel this way and I didn't mean to offend. I only meant that we can benefit from a support group such as this, while a bladder cancer person pretty much cannot because the cancer is rare. Also, our cancer, however bad, has more treatment options than does my friend's.

Anyway, I wish you well and this is not about our cancer vs theirs. I have a much worse prognosis (statistically) than does my friend. My comment wasn't about that at all. Just about how we are fortunate to have an active discussion board we can come to.

Take care,

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I wasnt offended.. just dont feel very lucky right now...

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Hi Betsy:
No need for apologies my friend...I get what you mean in that we have an active group who are a great support for those both living with CRC and their caregivers..when my husband was diagnosed with mets to his liver/lungs a fellow "patient" had mets to just his bladder....4 years later he is very stable and has a good prognosis so I pray for the same for your friend...

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