Big Sis/Lil Sis - Bracelet Story

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My 34 yr old little sister recently learned she has colon cancer (stage 3c) and will begin chemo Monday. She has an AMAZING attitude and WILL beat this!

I wanted to give her something that she could wear reminding her that her big sister is "in this" with her. That she's not alone. After searching online for a couple of hours I found the sweetest big sis/lil sis bracelets. While ordering, I explained the sentiment behind the gift and the importance of receiving it this week. Get this... the owner 1) called me a few minutes later, explaining she also is a CS (thyroid) and 2) she said she'd make the bracelets a feature on her website and MAKE A DONATION TO CC with every purchase of that set. The owner's name is Patrina, and if any of you are looking for nice bracelet jewelry, please consider her. She uses real swarovski (sp) crystals and silver. Very pretty, and Patrina has a heart of gold. The company is Bellisimo Bracelets, and the link is:

God bless her and you all!