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RCC - Starting Sutent

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My father has had a kidney removed due to RCC and now over 10 years later has been diagnosed with an in-operable tumor in the lung. He will be starting Sutent in a few weeks. We really have no idea what to expect at this point besides some possible side effects the doctors have mentioned. I thought joining the Survivors Network could be a good place to get some information.

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I wish the caregivers board was more vibrant and full of answers for you. But I'd recommend trying to find a discussion closer to your primary issue and serving as proxy for your father. I've done that with/for my wife and it has been very informative and helpful.

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Hi.. my name is Nita...I"m from Washington State..

 I was just looking on the internet for other Sutent users with RCC.. I was wondering by now how your hubby is doing on the sutent? 

I have been taking sutent 50 mg. since July 13th, 2012.. I had a kidney removed almost 2 years ago. a year later I had another kidney tumor show up and the surgon told me there was nothing more she could do. I saw an oncologist 4 months later to find out what could be done. they watched my kidney cancer untill may 2013 when I had a massive headach and went into e.r. for a migrain. ( I thought ). This headache turned out to be a brain tumor.. RCC had spread to my lungs and brain.. I started taking the sutent 2 months after the tumor was removed. 3 months later most of the tumors were gone from my lungs and the 2 small tumors in my brain were now just concidered "scar tissue".. last month when I had scans done , all but one spot was gone.

The side effects on the sutent can be awful..the nausia, heart burn, some nausea, healing from small cuts are much slower and sometimes I just don't feel like eating.. I have lost 30lbs. since I started taking the sutent. ( I could afford to loose some anyway). My hubby is a great support to me..

If you have any questions how I handled some of the sideeffects and just to let me hnow how YOU and your Hubby are doing.. email me   j.unroe@hotmail.com  I look foward to hearing how other sutent users are doing.                                    Nita

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