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Hi All. I had another scan today and the cancer is showing progression on my left side and a new spot outside my lung.

Oncologist feels the Xeloda has stopped working so I will start on Irrenoteacan (sp) next week. The tumor is pushing on my colon wall and causing a fair amount of discomfort so I am hopefull this regime will help to reduce the pain. Radiation may also be an option I will consider in January _ who wants to get cooked for the Holidays? not me.

Also, I have recommited to juicing. It was not tasting so good lately but I am going to go at it full steam even if i have to stick in in my IV bag.

hope you all ares well and taking the time to enjoy family this holiday season.

peace to you all

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Hi Mark. I'm sorry to hear that the Xeloda has quit on you and that you are having pain. If radiation will help, maybe you should consider starting before the holidays.

The juicing will definitely help your nutrition and help fight the cancer. I know sometimes it is all you can do to get stuff down, but you sound like you are going at it full tilt. Good for you!

I want to wish you health and peace this Christmas, and a healthful and happy new year.


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Hi Mark, sorry to hear that the Xeloda is not working for you,I will be praying that the next drug will be the one that makes the diference and you start seeing progress,your upbeat spirit and the love for your family will help you get through this,visualize yourself next year 2008 as your year for a complete recovery.Wishing you the best these Holidays for you and your family.

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Mark, so sorry to hear the word progression. I've been praying for you everyday and hope that you will be able to beat this beast!
As far as juicing, maybe if you mix your shot of juice with homemade soup or any other recipe that has liquid it can be camouflaged and benefit the whole family. My first thought is Turkey or chicken Taco Soup, or Black bean soup. I'll send you a couple of recipes and you can tell me if you can even tolerate the taste of them.
Attitude is everything and yours is great!
Jo Ann

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Hi Mark,

Keep at it neighbor! Any time you wanna talk.....

As for putting the juice into the soup--please don't heat the juice or you will kill the live enzymes which is why we juice in the first place. But what you can do is put the pulp into the soup and this would be quite beneficial.

I would add lentil soup to Jo ann's suggestions--lentils are not as acidic and getting your blood more base/alkaline is key in healing from cancer.

All my best to you as you keep up your spirits.

peace, emily

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Hi Mark,
Keep the faith. You will be in my prayers and Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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Oh, my sweet warrior! What a burden you carry!!! I will tell you that I got 'cooked for the holidays' and you know what a tough old bird I am...lol! I STILL managed Christmas dinner...

I am sending all my biggest hugs to you, dearheart...I wondered when I didn't see you posting...I have you on my 'special' prayer list...they have an over 80% CURE rate....even tho most of them are in their 80's....rofl!

Hugs and prayers,

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Hi Mark,

I'm so sorry to hear that the xeloda is no longer working. I am sending positive thoughts your way that the the new drug will work.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!


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Hi Mark,

I am so very sorry to hear that the Xeloda has stopped working. I was on the Irinotecan for 4 months. Can you take Avastin? I think about you everyday. I hope that the new chemo will relieve your pain and shrink those tumors so maybe surgery can be in your future. Stay in touch. Happy holidays to you and your family.


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sorry to hear about the bump in the road. rest,regroup checkout the options and than come back with all you have to beat the beast.
be well my friend.
never,ever give up!!

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Mark this really sucks. I'm sure that the irrenoteacan will give you the results that we are all hoping for. Happy vibes are coming your way.

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Hi Mark,
The ups and downs of this disease is very frustrating but I do hope you get the pain and discomfort to disappear. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, sending you warm wishes for a good holiday. Hugs, Audrey.

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Hi Mark, I am so sorry to hear that the treatment is not working and you need to make changes. Thank you for replying to the neupogen (now that I found the correct spelling). It seems very effective. You outlook sounds good and please know I too am praying for the best outcome. From the replies lots of others are pulling for you and have plenty to offer. Tom

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Hi Mark,
Think good thoughts...irinotecan and erbitux have kept my husband stable with only slight progression for over 2 years now! And John has always had pain since 8/04 -- for some reason the chemo helps to decrease his pain--the docs say it does not make sense, but every time he needs to take a break from chemo for some reason--the pain skyrockets..he gets back on chemo and we are back to status quo!! So best of luck to you with your irinotecan - I always admire your spirit and strength!!
Keeping you in my prayers,
Mary Kay

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Mark, keeping you in my prayers that the change in regimen gets the job done. Keep your positive spirit and keep us posted. God Bless.


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Hi Mark,

I was a juicer, before I knew I had cancer and am again now, but...I couldn't juice while on chemo.
Juicing made me have loose bowls and I too, was on Irinotecan and that can have a tendency to cause bad diaherra, too. Soooo...if you do have the diaherra...I know you'll use good judegment.

It is so good to get back to juicing. I just ordered my 25Lb bag of organic carotts the other day!

Hope this chemo works for you. I was on Oxil & Xeloda but had to go off those and Irinotecan/Camptosar worked much better. Less side effects.

I did have to have them give me..ummm..ummmm. I can't remember the name. Darn. I would get flushed, hot, sweaty, neauseated while taking it but all I had to do was tell them (the minute I knew) and they gave me a shot of.....Oh darn..It's the medicine they give people with snake bits. Can't remember.
Fixed the problem in 30 seconds!

Course, we are all different. Just giving you some pointers!

HOpe this does the trick for you.

Sending good vibes your way!


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I am so sorry to hear your news. maybe they can find a new combo that will work for you.


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