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50% necrosis

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Hi, My son underwent surgery of the upper arm and the necrosis was only 50%. Doctors now suggest a local radiation followed by a high dose Metatrexate for chemo. I hear that MTX can lead to potential side-effects including renal failures. Can someone please advise.

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sorry but I not sure but hope you have been able to get some answers from your Oncologist...hopse your son is doing well..

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pavenkat - please educate yourself on MTX from your oncologist as well as what you can learn here and other authoritative cancer sites.
High dose MTX does have side effects, most side effects are accumulative due to prolonged exposure to MTX, the treatment for side effects is usually symptomatic and requires you to be able to communicate with your oncologist constantly as soon as you see anything happening with your son that is not normal you need to be able to reach the oncologist or their PA

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