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Hello out there!

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Although I have a post on the colorectal board it is great to find some gay men who are going through what I am going through. It has been difficult to find men with rectal cancer who are willing to talk about what is happening to them let alone gay men. You would think that in NYC, it wouldn't feel like I'm the only one. As for me the brief run down is dx 5/27/07, radiation/5FU for 5 weeks, lower pelvic anastomosis with temp ileo 8/3, reversal 10/3, now in the adjuvent therapy stage with Oxaliplatin, leucovoren, 5FU (3 treatments down, 9 to go). Trying to take the healing process one step at a time. I can relate to much of what has been posted from the difficulties with relationships to the more personal side effects. Thanks you all for being out there.

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Hi madhat. glad you found us. as you can see, this site is a bit less active than the colorectal. I check both often. I agree with you that it seems odd that it is so hard to find others like us in the same boat.

My history. DX 2/04 stage II colon cancer. re-occurance in 2005 and have had reoccurances since then. currently stage IV metastatic to the abdomen. I will look for your other post on the colorectal.
take care.

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Hey Mark, sorry to hear you are dealing with reoccurance. I was originally diagnosed Stage III, the pathology report from surgery classified it as Stage II with no lymph involvement. Although I am in the middle of treatment 4, I now have to start taking injections of Neoprogen to keep my white cell count up. Reoccurance is everyone's fear, I hope you are doing well despite your situation.

My post was basically answered here as it was more about prostate side effects from surgery and radiation. The discussion is more frank than in other areas/sites; it is still a little short on answers.

Take care as well.


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