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3rd opinion and Clinical Trials

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Hello, My husband is currently in his thrid year of fighting testicular cancer. It is a sarcoma tumor, and not easily treated. We have gone to two different well respected places and on our way to a local univeristy for their opinion. They are a research facility and have several trials he might qualify for. What do you think of Clinical Trials? What questions should I ask? What should we consider?

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Clinical trials are great but the are not without risks. My sister had a rare cancer with no known treatment protocol. She was able to find a clinical trial that gave her 3 years instead of the 6 months expected with no treatment.I suggest you check out the information the ACS has on clinical trials. It will help you with some of the questions to ask. It does a pretty good job of discussing the risks and benefits of participating in a trial.

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My husband stage IV on phase III clinical trial . It worked well for him. Be sure though to ask a lot of questions, side effects, what is the purpose of the trial, is it phase I, II, III etc. Check out the NCI clinical trial website. Also, be sure to check with your insurance company on their policies regarding clinical trials. God Bless

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Clinical trials are good for some. But not everybody. I agree with hopefulone you need to ask alot of questions and be sure to make the right descions, my dad had brain cancer, and we didnt want him to be doing clinical trials because the drs. said that its not a good idea for him. we didnt say anything else. and as of now he is NED(No Evidence of Disease) you should try coming into the room and seeing if there is anybody in there with the same type of ca your husband has.

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