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low haemoglobin

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I hope someone can help with this. My 75 year old mom finished 6 cycles of carboplatin 5 weeks ago for uterine serous papillary adenocarcinoma. She is still very fatigued and her haemoglobin is very low, though her iron and folic acid are normal. Her haemoglobin has increased very slightly. We are wondering if this is a known side effect of the chemo. I might add that she did not do taxol. I'll encourage her to give her primary nurse a call, but am hoping those who do the experiencing will know or have heard about this.
Thanks ever so much in advance,

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Hi Ellen,

Fatigue is the numer one side effect of most chemotherapy regimens, but I do think the low hemoglobim should be checked out. I know that liver issues can cause this, but if your mother has been receiving chemo, this can suppress all functions. My personal experience with chemo was that a lot of things got worse before they got better, even 2 months after cessation. But definitely get it check out.


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