Catheter Management

RichardRS Member Posts: 44
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Anyone have any good tips on catheter management?
...use of KY or some type of Novacaine Cream? I am having Robotic Surgery Dec 12. From what I have read, the biggest irritation seems to be the catheter.


  • rogermoore
    rogermoore Member Posts: 264

    Management of the catheter was not a major problem for me. What little irritation that developed I treated with an antibiotic salve.

    Good luck with your surgery and keep us posted.

  • kalar7856
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    I had the RP 3 years ago. The catheter was just a bother because it was there. No real pain or irritation.
    Best Wishes,
    Ron C
  • MadelynJoe
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    Dear Richard:

    My husband had his prostate removed in July 2003. The catheter was just a nuisance, he did not have any irritation, pain, etc. Try not to worry about this. From what I have read the robiotic surgery is better than what my hubby had (manual surgery).

    God bless and take care.