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Had my first "full" colonscopy on Friday, 16 November and apparently everything is good to go with the exception of significant hemroids.

What do you do for hemroids?

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Sometimes it just takes time. Ultimately, if nothing else, you can have surgery. This I would do ONLY if there was significant troubles...I've had enough surgery for a lifetime (lol)!!!!

I have 2 'pet' hemorrhoids (named em...lol) that I got after childbirth....they joined in a bit during my cancer treatment, but are now, once again, gone like the wind (well, not gone I guess...just sleeping the big sleep...).

Naked happy dance for the clear scope!!!

Hugs, kathi

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If the hemerrhoids (sp?)don't bother you, then they can be left alone. They are just like varicose veins only in the colon. I have them also and they will occasionally bleed, but that's all. I do think that they messed me up on catching this Stage IV earlier as any bleeding I thought was them and I think, now, that some of it must have been from the darn tumor. There are also some that are close to the anus and can protrude and cause itching which can be helped with a cream. Not too worry about them :)

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Glad to hear everything came out ok (including the scope). The hemorrhoids can be treated in the office by rubber bands around them or by injections into them which scars them down. Or, if not causing any symptoms, can be left alone.


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I'm glad that your colonoscopy showed things are good for you. Have a good Thanksgiving, Audrey.

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