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newly diagnosed

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I had no idea I had a problem. Was being treated for a bladder infection--surprise! Had surgery and diagnosed with metastic colon cancer on 10-30. I am waiting for my next visit to the oncologist, which is scheduled for Dec. 3 to allow me time to recover. I am so scared because I have never even been sick and now I don't know what to expect when I see the doctor. I had already had a partial hysterectomy and they removed my ovaries, cervix, and appendix. My ovaries were cancerous, but my lymph nodes were not. Because we didn't know what was wrong, a gynecological oncologist did my surgery and now has referred me to another oncologist for treatment. Does anyone have words of encouragement? The CT scan I had before my surgery did not show any nodes on my liver or elsewhere, but I don't know what I am facing. I am 46 with two sons, a graduate student set to graduate in May with a new job, and of course, no insurance. I am scared, but trying to be strong. If anyone can offer words of encouragement, I would so appreciate it!

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I'm so sorry you're going through this, my thoughts and prayers are with you! Focus on the positive and give yourself some positive goals, things you're looking forward to such as your son's graduation. See yourself smiling, happy and healthy at his graduation.
Check with the American Cancer Society in your area. They can give you phone numbers of places that help out patients who don't have insurance and other resources that might be of assistance. I have to drive over an hour each way for my chemo and rad and they gave me the name of a group that helps out with transportation costs. This will be a Godsend as my husband was just laid off and I'm unable to work at this point. I found a lot of really helpful people with invaluable information and resources through the cancer society and I felt a lot of relief after talking to them. They're also very knowledgable about different types of cancer and have a research team that's willing to find out the answers should you need more and aren't understanding the answers you get at the docs office. Remember you've found a whole network of support here in the group and we've all got your back!



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sorry to hear about your cancer. I was diagnosed in July with colon cancer.Just keep the faith and be positive.Thats what I have done.Getting on this sight has helped alot to.People in here are so nice and help as much as possible. I got in touch with the the american cancer society and they do have help out there for you. Take care. My thoughts and prayers will be with you.

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Hi there,
Welcome to our group. I know the circumstances are lousy, but hopefully you will find lots of answers to your questions and support! We have all been through this, so ask away!
Don't feel as though you are doomed because you are not! There are many, many surviviors here including myself who are living proof that this disease can be beaten. I was diagnosed at 31 and now I am 37! I am glad that you did not have any lymph node involvement, or other organ involvement. Those are all great signs. What to expect at the doctors office? Well, they will probably recommend some form of chemo regimen for you. However, I would also consult with a naturopathic doctor (N.D.) who works with cancer patients. They can help you with what vitamins and supplements to take (and not to take), your nutrition, etc. Remember, knowledge is power so get a pen and paper and write down all your questions so you don't forget anything when you go to the doctors office.
It may help you to know that finishing your Masters is not out of the question. Many of us have worked throughout our treatments and I believe there is a grad student or two among us. I would say stick with it as best as you can. It will distract you from your "problems".. As for the insurance, please contact ACS and try to find out what resources there are out there. I really don't know the answer to that, but maybe someone more knowlegable will chime in.
Best wishes,

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Hi there, so sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but you have come to a wonderful place! For many people it is a BIG surprise to find out you have cancer, my husband was told for almost a year he had colitis, they were just going to do a colonoscopy to see which meds would treat him the best, and surprise, they came back in the room and told us there was a tumor. Your first reaction is one of fright and anger, but you will get through this. My husband is now 2 years NED, and doing very well, and believe it or not, has changed our life for the better! Thank goodness there is no involvement in the nodes..that is great! There are so many success stories on here..please read through previous posts and I am sure you will start to see that there is light at the end of tunnel. It really sucks that cancer is in our world, but do not let it control you..you control it. Just the other day, my husband and I were watching our youngest daughter (7) at her dance recital, and after it was over we both said every little thing that we get to see is so much more important to us now..we take the time to enjoy life.
Be strong : )

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Hi, and welcome to a great support group. I'm so sorry you are here though. Everyone is different and treatment regimens vary so be sure to ask your onc a lot of questions . Also, be your own advocate and be sure to research anything you dont understand or question once you know what's proposed and post any questions. There are many here with valuable information that may be helpful to you. Do not pay attention to any statistics , they are outdated and old , but focus on being sure you are getting the best treatment you can. Search previous posts here and personal web pages and I also suggest you create one if you haven't. Remember you are not alone, you'll have a range of emotions for a while, so don't be afraid to express them. Most importantly, recognize that God is in the driver's seat on this journey, so it's easy to have conversations with Him . Almost a year ago my hubby dx stage IV with liver mets after a "routine" colonscopy. Now NED currently (no evidence of disease after colon surgery in Jan and 9 chemo treatments, and a liver resection a month ago. I remember how scared I was at the start of this journey. The unknown causes a fear of it's own. You will get past it and I'm looking forward to seeing your NED post someday soon! Sending positive thoughts and keeping you in my prayers as I do all here. God Bless

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Please contact the American Cancer Society they could help you get in contact with certain places that can help you. Good vibes coming your way. My GYN doc also did my hysterectomy he started looking around and noticed cancer on my colon. He stopped the surgery and called a surgeon who took over for another 4 hours. I woke up with a temp colostomy and my husband telling me I have stage IV colon cancer. That was April 2005 I'm still here and still fighting the beast. My thoughts will be with you while you are waiting for Dec 3rd start calling around.

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Are they calling the ovaries mets or primary ovarian cancer? Usually, colon cancer mets to the liver first...have them re-check it if there is any question at all.

Know that you are into a fight. You have no choice. Fight as hard as you can. There are others here that have become miracles....
I agree with Sue....call ACS....knowledge is your biggest weapon against this beast!

Remember that this is a TEMPORARY situation....the treatment will be NO FUN, but there is an end to it. I started planning a place to go after my treatments were finished, got me thru some might tough times...I was dx'ed 3 years ago Stage III rectal. Giving 6 months to live. At the 6 months, not only was I still alive, but was dx'ed with Stage IIB primary site breast cancer....now, 3 years later COMPLETELY cancer free!!!

Post here as often as you would like. Many of us are veterans...we have tips and tricks. Welcome to the group...

Hugs, Kathi

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They are calling the ovaries mets. The CT scan they did before my surgery showed no nodes on my liver or lungs. I'm not sure what my oncologist is going to do when I seem him on the 3rd--don't know if I will have more scans or start treatment immediately. I have very good days and then days when I feel like I have a death sentence hanging over my head. The waiting is very difficult because I don't have any idea what the doctor is going to tell me on the 3rd. Thanks for the words of encouragement! Every person I hear from that is fighting the battle and winning gives me renewed hope. Thanks again!


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