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Went to the Doc he said I was still anemic blood count has not changed since I stoped Chemo.
He was upset at me for not takin the iron three times a day . I explained they upset my stomach.
I told him one of the people on CSN said they took it with milk an that helped..
He told me that was not good because you should take them on a empty stomach ,because if you don't it goes to your bowels.
But I have to say the milk made it go down .
Funny thing They keep sayin I'm bleeding internaly .They have run every test you could imagine.
they said I have erossions in my stomach . But you would think there would be blood in my bowels an there aint.

Guess it all comes down to the Chemo.
Has any one had they iron injections ?

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Dear Greg:

I had a low blood count when I was going through chemo. There are shots they can give you to bring up your blood counts. I am surprised your oncologist did not give you one. There are several on the market but, the name that comes to mind is Prevacid (I think that's how it's spelled).

Take care and I am praying for your speedy return to health.


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