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doing good

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My CT scan from Friday came back all clear in the pelvic and stomach. My CEA is back down to 5.6 down from September's 18. Still taking Xeloda 2 times a day and off on the weekends. Still have lots of pain in my back and we don't know why. I just have to thank God for making people smart enough to make pain pills. I feel very thankful for my current status.

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I was just wondering about you...was about to e-mail you....and here you are! I am sooooo glad about the scan and the falling CEA, but bummed that you are still in pain! I wish, like you I'm sure, they could find the trouble! AND FIX IT!

Sending big hugs,

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Glad to know about the CT being clear and your CEA is good. Keep bugging your doctors about the pain in your back. I dont know what kind of pain but right after my surgery I had back pain and it took a long time to go away, doctor said it was a pulled muscle. Back pain is hard to dx sometimes. Hope you feel even better soon.


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Glad to hear your scan is fine and your CEA is down. Not happy that you still have the pain. I presume they have done a bone scan too? If not I would recommend you request one. Hope the pain goes away soon.


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That is great news!!. How long do you have to take the Xeloda? My dosage didn't seem to do the job for me so they have added the Oxaliplatin again. Yuck. For some reason it is really making me sick this time around. My CEA spiked from 2 up to 20...Yikes. I'll have another blood check December 11 and then another scan in early January to see if it is working. If it isn't, then I may seek some other opinions about what to do.

We have a CTRC (Cancer Therapy and Research Center) in San Antonio and there is a doctor (from MD Anderson) who is doing a new trial. I may go for a consultation with him in a couple of weeks. Couldn't hurt.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Give your family a big hug.


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Good to hear that your scan shows clear. Hopefully they can figure out the problem causing your pain. Hugs coming your way, Audrey.

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I'm very happy that your scan showed clear. Now if they could only figure out why the back pain? Congratulations! Have a great Thanksgiving.


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Hi Sue - good news to hear about clear scans and lowered CEA. I am really sorry to hear that you are still having pain, however.

The back pain could be entirely unrelated to the CRC, but I am glad you have pain meds that work. Have you had an MRI? Also, my oncologist tells me that PET scans are even better than bone scans in most cases - I have left elbow pain which I am sure is "tennis elbow" - had that 10 years ago and this feels just like it. Of course having Stage IV, I thought about bone mets. But my PET was clear on skeleton and my oncolgist says that I should not be concerned given the clear PET (she even chatted with the radiologist to make sure the left elbow was absolutely clear.) Have you considered a PET to both look at your internal organ functioning and also at bones?

Meanwhile, it is such great news that your scans are clear. Happy Thanksgiving!


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Great news to hear your CEA is dropping and CT is clear. I'm sorry to hear you are still in pain. God bless pain medications. I hope they can find a reason and resolve your pain.


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Happy for you on the scan results! and hoping that the pills help ease the back pain and they can resolve it. God Bless

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so happy to hear that things are going well for you- take good care

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You have such a great attitude! I hope the Xeloda is not making you too sick to eat turkey next week. Know that we are all thinking and praying for you.
Jo Ann

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That is great news and I am so happy for you!!!!! And the good news couldn't have come at a better time of the year.

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend and if you get any good family shots over the holiday, please send them on. You know I love them.

Hugs and kisses sweetie,

Lisa P.

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Hi Sue, glad to see the CEA down and the CT scan clear. The back pain is a bummer. I feel for ya. Have you tried systemic enzymes. I use Wobenzym. If it take if 1 hour before meal, it seems to help with the inflamation which in turn help with my back pain.

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