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chemo protocols

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Hi Everyone,
Well, this may seem a little late asking this question because I only have one treatment left. In the beginning when the doctors were trying to figure out which chemo to give me they first decided on oxaliplatin, leuvocin, xeloda for six treatments. Then my oncologist changed his mind and decided because of my age and physical condition he would go with oxaliplatin and xeloda for 4 cycles increasing the dose of oxaliplatin from 85mg to 200mg. I am thrilled about the 4 cycles but 200mg of oxal is rough. Has anyone been on or heard of this protocol. I trust my onc but was just wondering. He is a real funny character and told me he didnt just make it up. Anyway, hope all is well with everyone.


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Couldn't find anything specifically about that regimen. I suspect there has been some study he read and you could ask him about that and even ask for a copy of it. I'm sure the side effects at that dose are quite noticeable. Glad you are almost done with it. You should feel proud about getting through it (just one more and then celebrate).


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Hi Robin,

I've never heard anything about an onc increasing the dosage of oxy. I have heard of oncs reducing the dosage if the side effects are unbearable. Maybe, as Dick said, this is something new that oncs are trying. There are probably studies that find this effective. I would ask your onc. Wow, one more treatment left. Hope you go out and celebrate when it's done!!!

God bless,


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HI Robin, I was put on 4000 mg of Xeloda (not sure how that compare to Oxy) while I am doing my radiation treatments, I took 2000 twice a day, kicked my but, doc finally reduced it to 1650 twice a day. Still kicking my butt but hopefully its getting the job done. I have 11 more treatments of radiation then 5 of IV chemo. Then I am done.... Congrats on being almost done...

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Well, when my car was broken into, not only did they take my computer, and software (I'm a computer consultant), but also my colon cancer folder. sigh....So I don't know what the strengths were...(can you imagine their faces when they opened to my tumor pictures...I laugh each time I think of this...lol)

I am just sending my strong vibes...I also agree with Dick...ask your doc for the study.

With one left, it sounds like all is almost retorical....you are almost DONE!!!!! Next post from you, I expect to do a dance!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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