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First post treatment colonoscopy!

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Hi All,
Hope everyone is doing well. I keep you all in my thoughts daily. Tomorrow night is the lovely bowel prep (will be catching up my reading). My colonoscopy is scheduled for Wednesday morning. This will be my first colonoscopy since diagnosis and treatment. After getting my NED results in September this is the next step. I am just a tad nervous. Am asking for positive vibes sent my way.


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Sending positive vibes your way. I do have a question though. My Dr. indicated awhile ago that I would not have to have another colonoscopy, but that was before the NED. I thought that the CT and PET scans took care of finding anything new. What don't I know? Thanks.

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Thanks for the positive vibes. My GI doctor and oncologist are having me do a yearly colonoscopy. While the CT/PET scans are good follow ups tests, they don't find new polyps. During my first colonoscopy they found the large rectal tumor, but I had 6 other polyps removed in other areas of my colon. Removing new polyps is the only way to ensure that they do not eventually turn into cancer. Talk to your Dr. I would think a colonoscopy would definitely be in your future, unless you had a total colectomy.


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Sending you good positive thoughts..Ugh to the prep, mine is always terrible..Take care, Audrey

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Positive vibes are being sent your way....I'm sure everything will be fine. It is good they are keeping such a close watch on you. Good luck!


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OMG! The colonoscopy prep! My what a wonderful experience everyone should have! I thought the prep was pretty brutal with having to drink a gallon of that salty golytly sea water, then having to run to the bathroom every two seconds; sometimes making it, sometimes not...(ewwww!). My Mother schedules her first colonoscopy last month, and i warn her to buy diapers, wee wee pads, to carry an extra bowl around with her in case she needed to throw up. So her prep day comes, and i call her to see how she's doing. Apparently, she has no trouble getting the GATORADE flavored liquid down, and no emergency runs to the bathroom, AT ALL!! Between August of this year and October, they must have discovered a much easier way to do the prep, or my doc is a sadist! I'm voting for sadist.

It's probably too late in the game to ask this, but which prep did your doc give you, kiersten?

Good luck with it, and may your colon be free and clear!


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My GI Doc uses the Trylite (sp?) which is the gallon jug of prep that comes with flavor packs. He perfers this prep because it does not mess with your insides, like kidney, electrolytes, etc.

When I take it, I use a nose plug which helps with getting it down, but the last colonscopy I had was before my reconnection surgery, so I was still using the ostomy bags.

My next one is schedule for Friday, 16 November 07, with no bag, so this ought to be fun.

Make sure you let us know the results

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Dr gave me osmoprep. Consists of 32 tablets. You take 4 with 8 ounces of clear fluids every 15 minutes. Not bad at all. I used it for my first colonoscopy. I highly recommend it.


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I had a follow-up colonoscopy three weeks ago. This is the third time that I had the choice of several flavors of Gatorade or Crystal light lemonade mixed with Miralax and Dulcolax. It's tasteless and odorless. I agree that your doctor is a sadist!

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Good luck , sending positive vibes your way for an all clear.!
God Bless,

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Good luck and sending positive vibes your way. I had a post-treatment colonoscopy last week. It wasn't too bad (well, maybe in part to those wonderful drugs that help you forget!). I have regular scans but still have colonoscopy every 2-3 yrs if all clear. Sending positive vibes your way!!

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I will have to remember to ask about Osmoprep next time. My doc had me on halflytely (1/2 gallon) and that was bad enough! The thing that really stunk was that I had to do 2 colonoscopies in one year because the first time my prep did not get me "clean enough". Anyway, now I am good to go until 2010! Yea!
Good luck,

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I am happy to send many positive vibes to you. Everything will turn out good.


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good luck with your scope.
be well
never,ever give up!!

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