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Every so often I go through some of the other discussion groups and try to respond to some of the posts. Sadly, the "surviving caregivers" section is being neglected. There was a lady on there who lost her life parter of 9 years. The post was from 2 weeks ago and nobody had responded. There was also another person who had lost their mother and sister within a month of one another and no one except Dana responded. I know there are caregivers on here, and especially "surviving caregivers", so how about taking a peek at some of the other forums and helping out someone in need?
Susan H.

P.S. Another though would be combining the two forums "caregivers" and "surviving caregivers" into one?

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Hi Susan, i noticed that some of the other rooms weren't being used very much. I went to the melanoma discussion room to get some information about my aunts possible recurring melanoma, and there was a poor guy on there who had posted a message about how scared he was, and he wanted info on interferon. No one had answered him, so i did, the best i could.

As far as the surviving caretakers board? I think it's a wonderful idea for current caretakers to go in there and try to brighten some spirits. Just as long as they're able to keep it from discouraging them, and the plight of the person they're caring for. I plan on becoming much more active in supporting cancer research and awareness once i am NED.

Soon to be, cancer free!

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I had actually never thought of going to the other boards...great idea. I can go to the uterine cancer one as I survived that in 1999. I feel like that was not such a big deal as it was ONLY stage I, but, heck, I did have the big surgery and 6 wks of radiation every day. I guess that counts for survival stuff, huh? 'will be checking it out and hoping I can help someone.

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oops...forgot to post for those who don't know me..colon cancer Stage IV with "too many to count" mets to liver in June of 2006. 16 chemos and NED now for about a month or so.

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Thanks for the reminder. I never realized there was another "caregiver" category other than caregivers, which I try to check regularly. God Bless,


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Wow, Susan....good for you!!!

I regularly go to the 'caregivers' forum....why the HECK do they have another split out???? It makes NO SENSE at all!!! About 2-3 months ago, there was a move to combine many forums for just this reason...I wonder why this was missed....

Hugs, Kathi

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