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re starting chemo tomorrow

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Hi all, I have been off chemo for a little over a month now waiting to quaify for a clinical trial. My last scan showed no shrinkage but little or no growth. Well, my tumor did not express the desired protien so I am booted out of the trial. I am really bummed about it.

anyway, I start back on Avastin and Xeloda tomorrow. I enjoyed the chemo break but am having quite a bit of discomfort on both sides of my pelvis. It is becoming difficult to start my day without pain meds now - thats a bummer.

Pushing forward and still believing that this too shall pass and I will beat this diease.

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Hi Mark,

Sorry to hear you are out of the trial. Hang in there. Something else will come along to help you whip the beast.


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Knowing you, you have already gotten second and third opinins, contacted all the well-known centers, MD Anderson, Mayo, Sloan-Ketting, John Hopkins, etc., and assuming this trail was the only trail available? Can you qualify for any trails in Canada, Europe, etc?

In situation like these, there seems to be one poem that comes to mind: Footprints in the Sand.

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I am so sad. I wish there was something I could do to help. All I can send is my big, warm, strong hugs....

And then, against all odds, miracles happen. I have put in a request for one for you....

Hugs my dearest friend,

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Hi Mark,
I'm so sorry that you are in pain and did not qualify for the trial.
I'm sending positive energy your way! Stay strong!
Take care,

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I'm sorry Mark. I'm praying for you and hope that things improve soon. Thinking about you all the time.


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So sorry Mark...but just believe that this one IS going to work.....I am saying the same stuff everyday...is working...that and my chiro will get me through it...Don't give up ....fight this thing with me.....God bless,,,,

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Hey Mark - Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you and sending positive energy. Your profile says it all. Keep up the great attitude and positive energy through this rough patch.

I can't recall all of your history. Have you had Erbitux yet? A lot of folks had trouble with the side effects (me included), but it worked well for my liver mets and got me to the OR.

Not getting into the trial must have been disappointing, but remember, there is lots of research going on and new drugs/combinations are being developed. Stable is great! Keep it up, and hopefully another trial will be available soon.


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Mark, keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Keep the positive attitude. Sorry about the trial, but you just have to believe if one door closes , another one opens. I'm praying for opening doors for you. God Bless and keep us posted.

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Oh Mark, I can only think this means while you are on the xeloda/avastin stint another bigger and better trial will open up for you! Thank goodness no further growth. I hope you start feeling better soon. I have great luck with naproxen for minor pain relief, but I don't know how much pain you feel.

Keep your spirits up... something is just around the corner!!

Hope the xeloda/avastin gets the pain under control. :)


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Oh darn, Mark,

Sure am thinking about you. Keep the Eucrin cream handy (for the xeloda).

Keep your energy for moving forward!

all my best

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Hi Mark, i'm sorry your trial did not go as planned, but like the others here have said, i believe it means the trial that will cure you is coming, and you know you couldn't do it if you were already in a trial.

I've heard such great things about Xeloda from my boss who survived stage IV colon cancer with bad mets to her liver. She tells me all the time that Xeloda saved her life, and to take it as an adjuvant if they offer it to me.

Maybe the Xeloda just needs more time? Hang in there, and i'll be thinking about you!


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Sending all positive energy your way!!! Keep a positive attitude even in these tough times...I believe this happened for a reason, bigger and better things ahead for you!

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no shrinkage but little or no growth is the same place i've been for the last 4 months on chemo.
they say i should be happy about that, but i've
got problems with it..
Anyway, heard great things about Avastin and
Xeloda.. I want Avastin too, but I would have to leave my trail to do that..doing folfox and erbitux..

good luck

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Dear Mark,
I'm sorry to hear about the clinical trial. I am sending you positive thoughts and prayers that the Avastin and Xeloda will do the trick.


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Sorry to hear about the trial. That is a bummer, but I have to believe that everything happens for a reason (kind of hard at times though) Hang in there and with your attitude you will be on top again soon!


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Sorry about the trial, I am sending hugs and prayers your way.


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Mark,sending you positives vibes but most important I'll be praying for you,keep your fighting spirit and PLEASE remember that nothing is imposible for God, ask him to guide your doctors for the best available treatment for you.

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I'm still doing Xeloda and I'm still in pain as well. When you said both sides of your pelvis I can feel your pain that is where mine seems to be going as well. You are always in my thoughts. Take care.

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