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last stage of lung cancer

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mom is on her death bed, she has suffered with lung cancer for 15 mo, now she is in a semi coma, no food or water for 5 days going on 6 today. I don't see how she is surviving and to be honest I can't bear it anymore. How long can a patient continue to survive without food or water at the last stages?

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While I cannot predict survival time for your Mom, I just wanted you to know that someone is thinking and praying for you and your Mom.

All the best, Madelyn

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How is your mom doing now?

I know how you feel. My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer in September of '06, small cell lung cancer, so she has had cancer for about 14 months. For the past four weeks my mom has stopped eating solid foods and most days no food at all, only water. I don't know how she is surviving either. The hospice social worker told me that the body can live without food for a long period of time, but not water, and that when people starve to death, they don't feel any pain because the brain releases a feel good chemical that takes the pain away. The social worker compared it to a runner's high. If only I knew how to make the pain in my heart go away.

I really understand how awful and scary this situation is. Please let me know how your mom is doing.

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Quenee, I am so sorry about your mom. My husband has small cell lung cancer all so. when they found it it was already in the extrem stage. He has had three rounds of chemo and decided to quit the chemo. He became sick in 06 also he lost the use of his legs they told him he had CIDP so he has not had the use of his legs for a year and is in a wheel chair. I have no idea what is ahead for us but will keep you in our prayers.

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