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CT Jitters

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Oh boy, it's that time again. CT Scan time. Dennis has his CT Scan tommrow and results on Thursday, it seems like the last scan was yesterday. The tension right beofre these scans is nerve racking. I try so hard as a caregiver not to show my emotions and keep positive in front of Dennis. I want to thank all of you for helping me keep positive, without all of you in this room I don't know what I would have done to get thru these times. Will talk to you all Thursday and hopefully do the NED dance again


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Hi Patti,

Waiting for the results of CT scans are the worst of times, Patti! I will say, however, that the farther away from diagnosis and the more NED results you get, it does get a little easier.....but, not much! I am visualizing you and Dennis doing the NED dance again on Thursday!!!



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We know that test time anxiety very well. Try to keep thinking positively. You will enjoy the NED dance with your husband on Thursday.


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I always bet anxious before my scans, and I have one on Sat.

I am sending positive vibes for both of us for NED results.


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I havent had to go through this yet, still on chemo but I know it must me nerve racking. Best Wishes to you. Knowing that you all will be dancing that dance.


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Patti, hugs
We all know too well the anxiety before before getting these results. As a "caregiver" myself, I know exactly what an emotional roller-coaster you are on. . Sending prayers for an all clear and looking forward to seeing that NED post. keep us posted and keep the faith.

God BLess,

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Patti and Dennis:
Passing my Naked Happy Dance Crown to you!!
God Bless!

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Sending Dennis positive vibes. I will keep you both in my prayers for good results.


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