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mixed results

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Hello. Thanks to everyone who gave such nice words to me. :)

My scan show complete stability!! Hurray. BUT (there always seems to be a but, especially in this darn disease) my CEA continues to rise. It went from 9 (4 months ago) to 14 (2 months ago) now at 25. Sigh. My onc thinks the bone mets are acting up, causing me my new discomfort. Also, the "great" trial drug combined with oxali has given me a chemo induce hepatitis. Double sigh. So... I am going on a slight chemo break. I am stopping the trial drug and oxali. I will get 5FU, erbitux, and avastin this week.. then nothing for 2 weeks. (I am actually sooo excited about this chemo break - I need a break!) I am also a little scared this may let the cancer grow! Sigh.

BUT (this is the good kind) this break happens while I will be in Paris over Thanksgiving. And that is great. I want my liver to heal up quickly so I can have some wine while in gay paris. :)

That is my news. Could be better, could be worse.. generally, this is where I live. I'm still hoping for the absolute cure... I sure hope they find it soon!


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Nuts to the CEA! And I'm so sorry about the hepatitis....

BUT, a break sounds like just what you need...I remember I enjoyed mine...I was in Holland...and such great timing that you will be in Paris! Oh La La! Have a night of frui de mer for me....mmmmmmm lovely dish....and don't miss the old city!

Hugs, kathi

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I wish your news was that everything was gone but I know how this disease works. Hope you have a great time in Paris. You are in my thoughts.

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I hope your discomfort eases up for your trip. Enjoy your chemo break and have a great time in Paris. Keep positive thoughts and be well. I'll be praying for you and sending you only healthy vibes.


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Hi Jana,

I have been thinking of you. Thank you for letting us know the results of your tests.

I am so thankful for the stability but so sorry to hear about the CEA and your discomfort. Enjoy your break from chemo....you so deserve it! I will pray that everything remains stable while you give your body time to recover.

By the way, after my ninth treatment, I, too, had toxic hepatitis. I took a break from oxaliplatin for three or four weeks and my liver enzymes recovered quickly. Then I received the same dosage (135mg.) over three hours rather than two. I experienced no further problems with the liver panels.

Big hugs and love,


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I am glad to hear that you will be in Paris over Thanksgiving, oh I am so envious..I hope you have a wonderful trip. Enjoy that glass of wine also. I hope as we all do that a cure for this disease comes soon. I am glad to read your post because you are in my thoughts often. Take care, Audrey.

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Hi Jana,

Sorry to hear that the CEA is up but glad your scans are stable. Hang in there. Better drugs are coming. Enjoy Paris. Wine and dine at a nice sidewalk cafe.


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Hi Jana,
First of all, congratulations on the 'complete stability' -- that is very good news. Sorry to hear about the CEA. But, as many of us have discussed before, it's not the best marker and there can be other explanations for the rising CEA -- right?! And sorry to hear about the hep - yuck -- just what you don't need! The change in chemo regime may be a bit of a disappointment but I think the break is a good thing. I read a lot more these days about chemo breaks and about 'stop-start' chemo -- this seems to be the way of the future. HAVE FUN IN PARIS!! How fabulous. Have fun! Thinking of you all the time. Love, Tara

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I have been wondering how you are doing.

I am glad the Cat scan showes stability, hold on to the good news.

Paris, I am jealous, I have never been to E urope.

Enjoy the chemo break. I am sending huigs and prays that things stay stable.


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Take care and bless you,

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the 5fu, avastin and erbitux is a trial ?

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No, those 3 drugs are my "break". The trial was oxali, 5FU, leuko, erbitux, and desatanib (the trial pills).

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Hi Jana, Sorry to hear your news but stability is always good. you body is an amazing machine and it may just be telling you that a break is just what is right for you. I have been on a break wating for approval for a clinical trial and just found out i did not qualify. I have been off chemo for a month now. I think that is just what my body needed not what i wanted.
heck, have two glasses of wine in Paris and enjoy yourself.

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Hi Jana,
I'm so happy to hear that your scans showed complete stability. Have a great time in Paris and enjoy the break from chemo!

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Hi Jana. Congrats on the stability. Keep the faith. Enjoy Paris! and let us know all the details when your back

God Bless,


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You are often in my thoughts. Glad your scan shows stability. I am also glad you are getting a break. I hope you have a wonderful time in Paris and enjoy every second of it. Now if the darn CEA would cooperate. I am amazed at your strength and for continuing to share your story with us.


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