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anyone out there have any advise for severe anemia. We are waiting for scan and dr.appt for tx options. Husband has severe anemia with fatigue, dizziness, big time grumpy (which is notlike him) He takes a multivitamin with 100% iron, but it is not being absorbed. Anyone been prescribed drugs for this or transfusions? How long until you felt better? I am quite worried. He stopped xeloda 2 weeks ago and they stopped IV chemo last week. HELP

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Procrit helped my red cell COUNT, but I'm not a doctor (I just wash one's underwear..lol) so I don't know if this is the same thing....have him try eating iron-rich foods. I struggle with anemia (have all my life) and I eat spinach salads, occasional liver pate (or liverwurst), and LOTS of other 'green leafies' that have natural iron...

I am sure someone who knows better will contribute soon, but I am sending good, iron-rich vibes hubby's way!

Hugs, Kathi

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Sandy, I know it's not the same thing, but when I was young, I had a bout with anemia. I remember my mom having to make liver for me several times a week. ( yuk.. I hate the smell of it to this day) but I remember it had something to do with the iron in it. Also , I believe there is a drug which they can give for chemo related anemia, but not all the time as also can be associated with other side effects (erythropoietin I believe) Check out this website

God bless, Keeping you both in my prayers

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Yes, procrit is erythropoeitin.. it stimulates the bone marrow to make more RBC's. I had to get the injections for a bit when I was having pelvic radiation and chemo. When it is injected slowly, it is much more comfortable. Talk to your husband's docs about getting some. :) good luck. jana

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I took procrit and some over the counter iron suplements and after a few weeks it was normal, talk to your husband doctor.

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