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after treatment

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I have finished with treatment for rectal cancer...radiation continuous 5FU, rectal resection and 8 rounds of leukovorin and 5FU....wondering if anyone has experience with lasting side effects?? Neuropathy in hands and feet, weird taste in mouth, rectal pain and bloating. Any experiences or suggestions would be helpful...Wondering if these things are permanent ?? or might possibly go away with time?

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My onc says they go away with time but if not I know that accupuncture can help with neuropathy.
I'll be praying for complete healing. Trust in God.


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Congrats on finishing your treatment. It's a big milestone. I hope you celebrated.

I had the neuropathy, rectal pain and bloating. I was lucky my neuropathy went away quickly once I stopped the chemo. I know some people have to deal with the neuropathy for a long time. The bloating went away pretty quickly. I think it was a few weeks. The rectal pain felt like muscle spasms. That got better over time. Now about 8 months out from chemo I still get an occasional twinge but it passes quickly. It just gradually got better as time passed.

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thanks for the input I'm praying for the best! and "yes" I celebrate everyday

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I am 2.5 years post-surgery for stage III rectal. Chemo/Rads, Bowel resection, J-Pouch to give me a "new" rectum. I am doing fine. Give it time. It really DOES heal. Also, make sure your hydration is good. This will affect your bowel performances... (no standing ovations, please!).

Also, my rad/onc nurse told me that Vitamin B6 works wonders for neuropathy. I drink Propel with B complex everyday. Run it by your onc. If he/she says "It couldn't hurt", go for it....many docs don't subscribe to complementary medicine.

Don't worry, it DOES get better! Treat your body as a faithful, loyal friend...do you think it would have gone thru all of this, if IT would have had the choice?

Hugs, Kathi

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I had diagnosis of rectal adenocarcinoma in 2001,recd adjunctive chemotherapy and external beam radiation for 8 weeks, then had a month off to recover from side effects...then had APR(abdominal peritoneal resection) with a permanent colostomy...6 years later I remain cancer free...My problem is I am unable to achieve orgasm during sex...I do become aroused...but then nothing...If anyone has info regarding treatment or medication intervention...please reply....Thank You

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Weird taste in mouth shd subside quickly. Neuropathy can take longer -- mine took about a year to go away -- but wasn't too bad. I didn't have rectal pain or bloating (except for immediately after surgery) so I cannot comment on that. I take vitamin B6 for the neuropathy. Good luck -- here's hoping for rapid and complete recovery of all your symptoms!

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