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More on stress and cancer

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I'm trying so hard to work on the areas of my personality and life that cause me stress. I'm turning more towards Eastern philosophies of relaxation, aromatherapy, audiotherapy and controlled breathing using Neti. I don't know about any of you, but since my diagnosis, well, even before i was diagnosed, i was becoming less tolerant of things that bothered me, and was stressing over almost everything. With research, i found this great article, it's actually an entire website full of articles written by a cancer researcher from Malaysia. He talks a lot about Western doctors not treating root causes of cancer (such as stress) to prevent recurence of cancer, and in fact causing more stress by giving up, or giving patients a "date of death" diagnosis. He has some radical ideas, but it seems it's the radical ideas that have always progressed humankind.

If you'd like to read the article, here is the copy and paste link:


Many hugs!

I scheduled a breast exam next Monday for that lump. Kathi, if you read this, i'm expecting to hear good news about your lump by then. Then we can both do the happy bar dance!


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Hi Krista,
Thanks for the link, it was interesting. I firmly believe stress can cause sickness and disease. I dont handle stress well but am trying to do better since my diagnosis. Before cancer I was hardly ever sick and up until the year before dx I didnt have too much stress except I was a general manager for a motel which created some stress. Then about 6 months before dx all hell broke loose and I was hit with some extremely stressful situations. I am working hard to rid stress from my life and turn things over to God who willingly takes the stress away if only I ask and believe. I am involved in accupuncture which has helped relieve some stress and helped with neuropathy.


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I too believe that stress is absolutely related to cancer. I also have a very stressful job and I would keep things bottled up. I would let myself get irritated over every little thing. After diagnosis I started letting things roll off my shoulders more. Now that I am done with treatment and am NED I feel like I am starting to revert back to some of my old stressful ways. I am looking into meditation, yoga, prayer. and relaxation.

Luckily I have an oncologist that never gives prognosis, statistics, or odds. He treats each patient individually. I know I wouldn't have been as strong if he would have told me just how bad my tumor was.


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Ok, you have convinced me! I was deciding whether to go to the spa in Palm Springs and do the 'taking of the waters' or not.....I'm grabbing my suit, and jumping in my car!

I am sooooo glad you are checking the lump. BOTH of us will feel better, ESPECIALLY when BOTH are nothing!!!

I WILL do that dance with you, darlin'!

Hugs, Kathi

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Hi Krista,
I have realized after much agonizing that I am probably going to have to look for a new job. I am not really sure how to deal with external stressors, in this case a very rude and annoying coworker. My boss has tried to convince me that it is just my "intolerance" of him, however, she does not have any idea how this person treats me when she is not around. I am at the point that I feel the best thing to do is probably just to move on. It is very difficult because I really like my job, other than dealing with this person. However, in the best interest of health, I think it is best to just get away from him rather than having to deal with him. Have you all been in this situation?
At a loss,

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