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Mammo done, Ultrasound done...waiting...

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Thank you all for your support! After 2 hours of waiting in a FREEZING room....and having my favorite appendages squished every which way, there was an ultrasound done, and now we wait for the results. My scan place has gone digital, so I could see the scans immediately, but, what do I know???

I'll keep you all posted, but I DO feel MUCH better knowing you are thinking of me.

Hugs, kathi

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Kathi, sending a multitude of prayers and good thoughts your way. Let us know as soon as you do . Hugs and God Bless


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Hi Kathi,
We are ALL thinking of you and hoping you get good news very soon. That waiting part really is the pits, we all feel for ya.
On a lighter note, have you heard about Maggie the elephant? I know, you are like, "What does that have to do with me?", Nothing, see I am trying to distract you. Today Maggie, the only elephant in Alaska, is being sent down to a refuge (2000+ acres) to live. She will now be able to roam freely with others of her kind and will never be cold again! She is slated to leave here at 6pm and will be down in California at PAWS tomorrow. So, if you want a distraction you can follow her story!
Take care!!

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Hi Kathi -

We are all thinking of you. I had a breast cancer scare 18 months ago - turned out to be "just" a cyst. I'm hoping the best for you - know how scary it is to think there might be yet another cancer.

Take care,

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I'm sending good thoughts and hopefully it is nothing serious. It's so hard waiting. Take care, Audrey.

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Still sending good vibes your way!


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Kathi, i have been thinking a lot about you ever since i read your post yesterday about finding the lump in your breast. I found a lump in my right breast four days ago, and i just can't believe that it could be cancer, so i'm pretty much ignoring it. It's mobil, and painful to the touch, so i think it's just a fibroid. After all, i just had a chest CT done two months ago, and it was clean. What is your lump like?

I'm so glad you got your diagnostics on it so quickly. I should really follow your example.

Many hugs, and many positive thoughts your way,

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Don't ignore the lump. The CT scan would not show anything even if the breast lump were suspicious. You need to get that lump checked and pursue it until there is a definitive answer. Mammograms are not 100% but get one, and if negative have at least a needle biopsy if the lump does not disappear on its own.


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Still have my eyes crossed and sending good thoughts and prayers!

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You are in my thoughts and prayers. praying for good news


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We are thinking of you, and praying that everything comes back okay....you are such an inspiration to us all!
Hugs to you

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I'm sending good thoughts your way. The waiting kills you! I'm thinking about you.


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((((Praying)))) for good news!!


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I have been thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. God bless,


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Waiting is sooo hard. Praying for good results for you.
Jo Ann

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For how long do you have to wait? I am praying for you daily,and have faith that everything will be fine .Let us know as soon as possible.Lots of hugs for you Kathi.

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