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Other categories?caregiver support

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We have a tremendous support group here on this site. Being a "caregiver", I often check other categories on this site, because I sometimes feel a bit out of place (although you all have made me feel so welcome) such as the "caregiver" and "emotional support "categories .I'm urging other "caregivers" to do the same . No matter what type of cancer, we face some "common" issues and a different set of feelings from the "patient". We can really help each other out and give additional support to others who find themselves in similar situations and share OUR issues. Just a thought. God Bless and keep the faith .

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I can't tell you just how glad I am to see you here as a caregiver!! I think it truly helps a caregiver to understand what we go through when they participate in a forum such as this one! A caregiver is able to see and participate in so much more than just their own loved one's cancer and I think it helps to give more complete care to their loved one. Some of the best advice I've gotten has been from this forum and a caregiver who's husband has gone through what I am enduring now. In addition, I'm sure at times it's even more hard on the caregiver to see their loved one suffering and caregivers need support too. I think it's fantastic that you're here!!!

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Thank you MD. Keeping you in my prayers ( and I loved your story , laughed so hard and told the girls at work lol) Keep the faith and God Bless.

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Hi Diane,
I am a caregiver also for my husband. This site has helped me so much to understand more of what his perspective is and what all he is dealing with and what hope I can find for him. Other caregivers here have helped me with many of my emotions and questions. So, I do understand how you feel. I have not even looked into other categories here. Thanks for the suggestion.
Keeping you and yours in my prayers.
Mary Kay

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I agree, Diane.

I am 'eligible' for at least 3 that I actively post on...
CRC, Breast (my 'other' cancer), and Caregivers. It is great that you are reminding us all...we are so fortunate for the CRC board and all of us 'talkative' semi-colons!

Hugs, Kathi

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