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biopsy during colonoscopy

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I had a "routine" follow-up colonoscopy today. As usual, I was awake but woozy. My doc took a biopsy of something she told me looked like an "abrasion". I asked her if it looked like a polyp and she said no. She said probably nothing and not to worry. I kind of saw it on the screen but of course I had my glasses off and was at a funny angle. So - ahem -- I know, I know. No sense worrying until I have more information. Feed the faith, fight the fear. Can anyone say anything that will make me feel better? Calm me down? Have you ever heard of an "abrasion"? Thanks.

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Tara, at year 1 post surgery during my colonoscopy my surgeon pointed out "red marks" (looked like abrasions) and told me this was caused by my having radiation.

I just had year 2 colonoscopy and my colon is clear--no red marks showing. He told me to "congratulate your radiation oncologist he did a good job - no signs of colon damage"!

Did you have radiation?

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Hmm - that's a good point. I did have radiation. My radiation was very low (rectal cancer) but of course I have no idea where this 'abrasion' was. My radiation was several years ago but I guess that cd still be a factor. Thanks! And, congratulations on your recent all clear colonoscopy!

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She may have been just making sure, covering her butt, in case anything did show up. It's good to have an overly cautious doctor.
Jo Ann

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Tara, I know how anxious waiting can be. To say that she's being thorough may not help a lot, but better to be thorough than not. Keep us posted and God Bless.

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Hi Tara -

I have a friend who worked for me and who is 2 years older than me. Last year he had a colonoscopy, in part because of my situation. They found what they thought was "an abrasion". THe "abrasion" was biopsied and came back negative. Not sure what this means, but my friend feels good without another scope for 3 years. The GI docs was not too worried, and not worried at all when the biopsy came back.

Good luck,
Take care,

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It may even be something related to the prep for the colonoscopy as sometimes people get some irritation from all that stuff. The doctor doing the colonoscopy usually has a good idea if an area is suspicious and you can often tell by their manner and tone of voice if they are concerned. I would take her at her word. And of course, keep bugging her until you get the definitive answer.


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My husband had radiation 2 years ago for rectal cancer. He's had two colonoscopies both showed inflammation. The docs were concerned about reccurrence so he's been through several procedures which they did a total of 5 biopies all came back negative for cancer. path report showed inflammation due to radiation.Hopefully this will heal soon. Good luck keep us posted.


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