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survivors of kindey cancer without the kidney being removed?

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My mom has been diagnosed with kidney cancer about the size of a grapfruit.She is also diebetic and her other kidney isn't functioning all that well. They tell her it is highly unlikely they can take her kidney out. They have said they may only be able to give her medication to comfort her. i'm reading the threads and i hear alot of survivors of kidney cancer but they have all seemed to be able to have their kindey removed.I would like to know if any people have had or know someone that has been in a similar situation and has survived it. thank you for your time.

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First let me say how sorry I am that your mother has this diagnosis. I'm also sorry that you are facing this as well.

I've heard of a few cases where they've managed to remove the tumor, leaving the kidney intact. These cases are FEW and a lot depends on location, size, etc. of the tumor. Has the cancer spread to other areas? If you have not already done so, find a good oncologist and take everything you've got - blood work, x-rays, scans, etc. and see what they say. There are drugs now that can help with kidney cancer tumors.

God bless and I hope you can find a good oncologist who can give you some options.

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