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Chemo didn't work! sclc extensive

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I am writing for my stepfather, merle.He was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer-extensive on August 27th, o7'. He has since had 2 rounds of chemo-Etoposide & carboplatin. We just received the results from his follow up pet scan and MRI to see how responsive his cancer was to the chemo. So shockingly devastated to find that not only had the cancer NOT improved, but had actually gotten worse. His Doctor, now realizing that we need to get so much more aggressive to even try to impact this cancer is recommending 1 x/weekly chemo with Topotecan. prior he did 3days of chemo then 21 days later 3 more days of chemo. Problem is my stepfather is tired and has felt awful through all of this. Borderline, if not full depression and does not have the will to continue. He feels completely hopeless and doesn't want to go through more chemo that will more than likely make him feel worse and then find that it doesn't work either. I am asking if there is anyone who has had a similar experience with no response to chemo and what different treatment options, feedback or anything to help would be greatly appreciated. It is so sad to him struggle and suffer. My heart and prayers go out to all of you. I think it helps so much to share ideas, information and support. Please respond.

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My brother was recently dx and I have done extensive research. I do know they have gotten better results when they treat with both chemo and radiation at the same time. My brother recently finished his treatments of both and they found the tumor shrank by 30%. You might want to find out why they are treat him like that, considering it is the standard.

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It sounds like maybe your brother has non-small cell or limited small cell. My stepfathers is extensive (spread t/o his bones, liver, lungs etc). We did have him set up for a clinical trial through a lung cancer specialist here in Colorado, but on the day of his first treatment his liver function was too high so he was not eligible. That is why we had to do std. treatment. Thanks for the response. i hope your brother continues to show improvement.

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I can not blame your stepfather. I had a lung removed in may 2006. Then I did the chemo it makes you so sick you lose the will to live an if it's not doing any good. then let him make the choice. I did I chose to take the chemo an don't know if it worked or not. But I do know it makes you wish you were Dead . they finaly had to stop giving me chemo it droped my blood count so much. Try an keep him busy maybe it will keep his mind off it for a min .prayers to him an your family

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hi, I have limited small cell lung cancer, I am out six years last february, mine was very close to extensive. The tumor was on left lung, in lymph nodes, in lung and wrapped around aorta artery. I was given a 5% chance of survival. I started with cisplatnum and vp-16 (etopicide) , three 9 hour days on and three weeks off. I was definitely sick, (vomiting, no food intake, low blood counts) the second cycle I crashed and almost passed from it(cisplatnum), I then was switched to carboplatnum, vp-16 and they added taxol. The tumor started to shrink the third cycle ( 3 nine hour days of introvenous) and 3 weeks off, the fourth cycle they started radiation because the tumor had shrunk enough to get it into one port of radiation. I received rads to chest, side and back 6 days a week for the next six and one half weeks. I am blessed because I am still alive and kicking, the tumor is still present , it is just not active. I am also inoperable because of the location and the other things the darn tumor got itself into. I don't know how to help you other than to just give you my story and pray for you and your father-in-law. This is a rotten disease and has no mercy on anyone.I can understand how your father-in-law feels about not wanting to get the treatment because it is so damn rough , it is his choice and he must be allowed to decide on his own path to follow, just be there to support him in this and don't be selfish. He must be allowed to do what he feels he must do, it is hard , I know but just love him and support him , no matter what he decides to do. I will keep you both in my prayers Mike

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Robin I know how you feel. My husband has sclc and it is extensive it has spread and he had decided to quit treatment of chemo it was making him so sick and he can not walk he is in a wheel chair because of the cancer which was not found until four mounths ago. They told him he had CIDP/ and also caused him to get double vision. He has really had a hard time. I am not sure if sclc can be cured I sure wish it could for your step father and my husband. my prayers are with you

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