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delay of treatment

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Hi All,
Lots of good news out there. I am always happy to hear about NED and such, aniversaries, naked dancing, etc. Sorry to whine. My treatment was delayed this week, it really bummed me up. My WBC was 2,200. Guess that's too low. Is this pretty common?? How do you build it back up, my onc nurse said you couldnt do anything. Anyone disagree. I'm trying to make the best of the vacation so me and hubby are going somewhere, anywhere!! Thanks for replies.

Smiles, Robin

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Hi Robin,
I'm confused by your WBC numbers. I'm used to seeing 4.0 to 11.0 as the normal range. Maybe yours' is 2.2 which is low.

I would get Nulasta shots if my WBC was low. Did they say anything about those?

good for you for going somewhere. that's great!

You have a good time and take advantage of this time!

hugs 'n' prayers

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Hi Claudia,
Yes, one nurse said 2.2 and the other nurse said 2,200. Anyway I didnt know about those drugs to bring it up but they didnt offer them to me. If it happens again I will know cause I dont want to miss anymore. Thanks for your reply.

Your friend, Robin

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The white count is low but my onc let me get the chemo as long as the white count was above 1500. You can get a shot of Neulasta or Neupogen to help to bring it up. The treatment decision may be affected too by how much of a drop there has been from the last time.


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Hi Dick,
Thanks for your reply. Thats why I love this forum because I will know to ask more questions next time.


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Hi Robin,
I was given Neupogen to boost my WBC... neutrophils in particular. I think there are different types of white blood cells. I stayed on Neupogen for the whole cycle (1 week of Neupogen during my "week off" of chemo).
My chemo was cancelled once on account of low platelets. What can you do but enjoy the holiday! Have a good trip to wherever you go.
Peace and blessings... Rob; in Vancouver

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Hi Robin... your NOT whining! As you can see, there are others who've experienced the same thing. Enjoy your "vacation" and it may come up on it's own, or they may decide to add the Nulasta etc. and as Dick said, alter the dosage of treatment. Keep us posted and God Bless.

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Hi Robin, nothing new to add other than supporting you. stay strong, I hope you can get your counts up.

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Thanks for your support, just knowing you care enough to reply makes my day a little brighter. Thanks to all.


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