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Just checking in...

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Hi All,
I have been so busy reclaiming my life that I haven't had a chance to say howdy in a while. So Howdy! I have been thinking of you all and sending NED vibes out there for each and every one of you every day. Still get tired easily, but I am actually planning stuff again, learning to play the piano with neuropathy in the fingers, and have forsworn cute shoes forever. That's a small price to pay! Love you all!


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Good for you Kirsten. Can't wait to be there.


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Terrific! am happy for you . Keep the faith and God Bless.


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So good to hear from you and so glad you are planning stuff again!! I was just thinking about you last night when I was reading posts. I too haven't been posting as much, but still read the boards a few times a week. I am doing well and have been planning stuff too. I am redocorating the dinning room and study. Planning to paint this weekend. It's amazing how last year at the time I was just praying to be here this year and now I am planning for long into the future. God is good and it's amazing how miracles can happen.


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oh one more thing. I have also sworn off cute shoes due to the neuropathy thing in my feet although it seems to be getting better. Have you tried Earth shoes??? They have really helped me walk like a normal person and allowed me to stand longer at work. The aren't Manolo Blahnik's but comfort and walking is most impotant for now.


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Howdy back! Glad you are doing so well. I can't play the piano with my neuropathy. Of course, I couldn't play before either, so that stands to reason.
Check in with us more often. Its great to hear from you.!
Jo Ann

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LOL!!!!! I couldn't play that wonderfully before neuropathy, but it's always been my "zone", so it has been frustrating. I finally got over the frustration & decided to adapt.

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Good to hear from you. The neuropathy should gradually improve. Play away. One of my goals is to get a keyboard and learn to play.


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Hello! GRRRRReat to hear from you!

You are a victor! My first acknowlegement of a future was to go buy new couches!

I swear that my neuropathy disappeared because I 'chatted' here on this site so much....so play away!

Hugs, kathi

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Hi Kirsten,
Thanks for the update. It's good to hear that things are going well.
I'm also putting my life back together and beginning to imagine the future after another clear scan. I check in every now and then and haven't posted much. Even my blog is dormant!!
I haven't tried the piano but am playing the guitar again... It's so nice to be back to the things I love.
Enjoy life... Rob; in Vancouver

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