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Hello everyone! My name is Jorie and I just had my second go-round with my second resection. my Cancer was a stage II. I'll be starting chemo and radiation in a few weeks. I'm having difficulties with this resection that I didn't have the first time around and I'm wondering if anyone had the same problems. My resection was just right inside the rectum and I'm always feeling the urge to "go". Most of the time there's nothing there and it times it's just a drip. I've been told not to push or strain as I could tear open the suture line and yet I can't go. I feel a pressure and burning in that area. I've already talked to my surgeon and he suggested warm baths several times a day and assured me that it's normal. I'm terribly uncomfortable. Any ideas would help.

Thank you!!

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Hi Jorie,
My name is Robin and I had my surgery in May that resulted in half of my rectum being removed and resected. I experienced the same problems and started taking metimucil. This helped but when I started rad/chemo things went bad again with alternating between diarreah and constipation. Everyday is different but I continue with metimucil and try to walk everyday. I eat no raw vegies, lots of vegie soup. Sorry I dont have the magic answer but if you come up with anything that works please let me know. Good Luck and I know that I have developed a lot of patience. Oh and be sure to check with your doctor on the metimucil.


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Welcome, Jorie, to the semi-colons! Sorry we have to 'meet' this way, but we are a great group.

I had a very low resection, and for awhile had that same feeling of urge to go. Actually, I found warm baths a real help. So, I must agree with your doctor...at least for me, this was 'normal' and it did go away....I lost my rectum and sig colon, got a 'new' rectum made from my descending colon....

As far as the burning, try avoiding spicy food, one of my old standbys, especially during rad/chemo, was the BRAT diet....Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Tea...

Hugs, Kathi

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hey jorie, sorry to hear your having a hard time. it is normal to feel that pressure. the tissue inside the rectum is very sensitive and im sure there is still swelling from the surgery. take as many baths as you can, it well help quite a bit. hang in there the feeling will subside.
praying for you

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hey there

sorry to meet this way but everyone is great here.
i haven't been here long and did not have the surgry in the exact place you did ( mine was in the transverse colon)-- but my husband had 2 walls of inside hemmeriods and what is called a fisher.( which is a tear in your retumn wall) it was about 1/2 in wide. and he had incredible pain afterwards. warm bath and lots of pain killers kept him sane. use stool softners too. sorry to say this it was about 3 weeks before he was ok again. my prayers are with to a fast recovery

lisa r

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Keeping you in prayer!

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i also had low rectal cancer. and i had LAR two years ago and still relatively incontinent. have stool on me often. small amounts. wear kotex extra coverage pantiliners all the time and carry baby wipes and use water to wipe. still contemplating a perm colostomy. i hate it but i also hate my incontinence. if you are constipated try a laxative by prescription. i got one that was powder but cannot remember the name. i stopped using fiber altho it worked because i had a ton of stool from it.
good luck,

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