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Just Posted--squamous cell cancer--Just diagnosed!!!!

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Under lawsondp61---know it is early for a reply but getting desperate for some kind of support or maybe some answers to my questions. I do not understand why the Dr. did not give me more information. Punched two holes in my face and scheduled surgery. Is that normal? Thanks for anybody's time.

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First, it is never to early for a reply. This can be frightening and support is important. When removing "spots", it is critical that the affected area be completely removed. Perhaps it is the case that your doctor wants to make sure that all of the bad cells are removed. If so, they are doing what they should. Have other tests been ordered - blood work, CT scans, etc.? If not, why? What type of doctor are you seeing? Is it an oncologist? If not, get your primary to schedule an appointment with one. Bottom line, only a qualified MD can answer your questions. If your present one won't, or can't, you need a new physician. Most importantly, be aware that we hear primarily about the bad stories and frequently none to little about the success stories. I am one of them! Keep the faith and look out for your own welfare. Do not sit idly by if you suspect the care you are receiving is inadequate. Get a second opinion.
I will pray for your well being and complete recovery. :-)

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