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Question about Minerals

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My Grandma is stage 4 colorectal cancer that metastasized (sp?) in the liver. She's been hospitilized for the last 2 weeks because her body isn't producing enough calcium and electrolytes. She went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester yesterday but they sent her back to her home hospital today, my family and I are waiting for the bad news. Anyways, back to the main question, has anyone else experianced mineral loss while battling cancer, and what did your care team do for you? If this question is too probing, I am sorry, I'm just very scared for my grandma.

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How old is your grandma? If she is not eating there may be more problem with the electrolytes and minerals. It also can depend upon whether or not she has other medical conditions and medical problems. It likely is something nutritional but keep asking her doctor.


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My grandma is 74, pretty young it seems to have a 28 year old grandkid like me I think! Yes, she does have other medical conditions and is having trouble keeping a lot of food down. Her kids, my mom and aunts, are...not guilting her, but strongly encouraging her to eat but it's not working. Whenever grandma eats and has enough she starts to gag, I hope her doctors can help her out.

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You are the the most caring grandchild a grandma could possible have. There aren't very many grandchildren who would worry so much that they would go to the trouble to find a website like this one.
I'm sure they must be doing everything they can at the hospital where she is or Mayo would not have sent her back. Stage 4 is very serious, but there are many stage 4 survivors with all of the new treatments.
Jo Ann

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Thank you so much for the kind words. My grandma means the world to me and I would do anything for her. I know the doctors are doing everything they can but sometimes even they miss the little things. Your message made my day, and this website will continue to help me. Thank you again!


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