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Hi everyone i know this has been posted many times but thought i would go easy way so i am looking for a juicer can you please give me the BEST one to purchase? Thank you

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I have a Champion but it you go to the website alta shared earlier this week, they rate them by what they can do without any ties to a product.

Lisa P.

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hi Denise,

I have a Champion too but I understand the Omega is supposed to be good.


you can also go to www.mercola.com

Dr. Mercola gives his opinion on the best juicer too.

The top of the line juicer is supposedly the Norwalk, but I guess it's tougher to clean. It's also very expensive.

The Champion is a masticating juicer which is much better than a centrifugal juicer and the Omega extracts the juice by crushing it with a spiral type implement (can't think of the name for it). It's supposed to be better for not getting too hot (which destroys the Live Enzymes and is the reason for juicing!).

I love my Champ! It's the workhorse of juicers and is very easy to clean.

hope this helps.

peace, emily

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I have a Jucieman juicer. Have had for years. When it goes, will look for one that is easier to clean. This does not put the pulp in the juice (which I'm glad it doesn't).

Good luck

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