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20 years survivor

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Yesterday I received a call from a survivor group that I called the other day. They where going to match me with someone that have been through the same....She is a 67 year old lady that was DX with colon cancer stage III back in 92. In 95 it came back to the lungs ( then stage IV ) she had more chemo and have been NED since. I asked her if she have done anything different. She said no....she said that she did have a " I am going to make it attitude" and prayers( she was 45 at the time )and that only thing that she remembers is that her husband came 1 day with the Eassiac Tea and askede her to try it which she took various time.

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WOW! Very encouraging! Thanks for sharing...I needed that today:)

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sent you an email on this site......

Lisa P.

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That is very incouraging indeed. Let's hope that in 20 years we are all helping the newbies on this site.


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