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we have a diagnosis of stage four cancer, bowel
portion removed and reconected. anyone having successful treatments to recommend,hospitals or Drs? Patient is 35 year old female

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I'm so sorry about your news. That is always a tough diagnosis hear and accept.
It would help to know where you live. I'm sure there are many on this site who will reccommend doctors and treatment centers.
Jo Ann

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we are in KY. but will travel any direction

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Hi Larry,
I was also diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer with mets to the liver. I am doing great! I live in Michigan so I receive my care at the University of Michigan cancer center. I have really great Dr.s. If you would like more information regarding my treatments and surgeries please contact me.

My prayers and thoughts are with you!


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Hello and welcome. You'll find a lot of support here. As others have said, sorry it's under these circumstances. Hubby stage IV who just had a liver resection a week ago after being told for many months inoperable. You are wise to seek information and research treatment regimens and options. He was on xeloda, oxalplatinun and avastin and had 9 treatments presurgery for the liver mets. Colon resection was in the sigmoid colon in January with chemo starting in March and no radiation. This regimen was successful for him in shrinking the mets to allow for the liver resection. Other treatment regimens have worked for others. It's important to remember that what works for one doesn't necessarily work for the other and vice versa. Has a treatment plan been proposed for the patient and are there distant mets? MD Anderson in Texas is supposed to be excellent in cancer care. I'm in New York and the big one here is Sloan Ketterling. Good luck and God Bless and keep us posted.

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First, I understand how you all must feel. It just sucks. I was dx. with Stage IV colon cancer with "too many to count" mets to liver in June of '06. I am now NED (no evidence of disease). It is sort of a miracle and even my onc is surprised. When first diagnosed, I learned that you must first do the "standard of care" for the disease first. For me, I was given 5-fu in a 44 hour pump, oxaliplatin and avastin every two or three weeks depending on blood counts. I was determined to do this "forever" as the onc told me that when it no longer worked, that was kind of the end of the road. I did 16 treatments, almost a year, and it was not easy, but it sure did work. Now, not everyone is blessed like this, but the most important thing is to keep with treatment. Was there a referral to a cancer center? I also had surgery...resected 18 inches of colon and all is working great. Good luck to you and try to have faith in the standard treatment and see how it goes. I think that researching further at this time, is a drain on energy and positive thinking...my opinion. Been there, done that.

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'Only' stage III here. But, as the others have said, the first round of treatment is pretty standard. I got a second opinion, then called City of Hope (a big cancer center here in So. Calif). Intake manager said 'The first round is textbook'. After settling on a treatment (using a biggie like MD Anderson or Sloan Kettering), you can be treated close to home. The second round, should it be needed, is when you start traveling to a larger cancer center who specializes in CRC'. I took this advice to heart, got my treatment plan, went to a center within 15 minutes from me....I was blessed, lucky, whatever....I never needed the second round.

Hugs, Kathi

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is anyone familar with the heated chemo or belly wash? we have heard has been succesful through Wake Forest med. in NC we are waiting for referals

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