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Cant eat! Foods to eat?

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MyDad is so sick. I dont know what to feed him. He gets disentery really bad. Had him in ER rehydrating yesterday. I need help! Radiation 5 days a week, chemo Fridays for 6 times. Only mad two. They say he is on the lowest dose.
Help! We got the disentery slowed down but now his tummy hurts. He is 81 yrs old.
Thank you,

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BRAT diet till he feels better.....


That always slowed stuff down for me....

Scalloped potatoes. Fixed a big bowl before each chemo treatment. Nibbled all day off of it.

Hugs, Kathi

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When I went through Rad/chemo I had awful diarrhea. The only food which I was able to tolerate was rice. Hubby made a big pot of rice and put it in the frig. I would take a cup of rice and add chicken stock 2 minute in microwave ...instant rice soup!!

Radiation sure does a number on the colon. 1 year post radiation at my colonoscopy it was "interesting" to see the red inflamed areas of my colon which was a direct result of radiation. 2 years post rad at my most recent coloscopy my colon is back to "normal".

I should also mention that your Dad should try to keep up his fluid intake I drank gallons of gatorAid. Can't stand the stuff now!!!

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