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being philisophical (sp?)

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Just reflecting on my last 8 months. I have learned that we must help each other, that is Jesus's plan. I have learned that physical pain is hard to deal with. I have learned that the great outdoors can make me feel better. I have learned that my Mom is even better than I thought. I have learned which are the best butt wipes ha ha. I have learned that God is always there for the asking. I have learned that no matter the outcome of this it will be good. I have learned faith and grace are not just words.
I have learned not to be so shy and ask questions and ask again if you dont understand. Well this is not all I have learned or will learn but the rest will be gravy.

God Bless All, Robin

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...and laugh and dance at every opportunity (and every Coyote Ugly saloon). And put YOU first on your list...not to the exclusion of others, but if you aren't at the top of your game, you cannot help others..

Hugs, Kathi

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yeah, I forgot about that naked happy dance thats coming soon for me, in the meantime I will dance with clothes on and laugh, laugh, laugh. Thanks Kathi

Love, Robin

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Wise words.
I like the line, "no matter the outcome of this it will be good."
Take care!

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Hey..I haven't done the Naked Happy Dance, yet!>>grin>>

Maybe tonight will be the night!!

You take care of yourself..and yes..kathi is right, YOU come first!

Hugs 'n' stuff!

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Robin, A big AMEN to the first line. You are so right about us helping eachother. And you are "right on" about asking questions. And (being a mom) I love the part about your mom LOL! God Bless and keep the faith.

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God bless you, Robin. Just what I needed to see tonight. I, too, have learned so much through this journey with my mom. I loved...."it will be good."
The prayer that never fails..."Thy will be done."
Every day I try to say at least once, ALL IS WELL WITH MY SOUL!

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