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Biopsy results: negative!!!!

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I can breath again tonight, my breast biopsy came negative these last few days have been terrible I could experience again that feeling of the first weeks after DX. I am so grateful to all the people that have been praying for me, thank you to all of you that answered my last post when I was really down, I will keep you all in my prayers too. Thank you again.

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That is great news. Congratulations. I just wish none of us had to live through the fear of another bout with cancer.

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Terrific news! That's so wonderful and I'm sooo happy for you. Celebrate and God Bless.


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Great news, Betina.
I know the feeling. Shortly after my chemo ended, I had severe issues with high blood pressure and dangerously low potassium. My doc and I were worried about some wierd kidney damage from chemo; turns out it was a problem with my adrenal glands (Totally unrelated to chemo), but when the urologist said "and the most common reason for that is a small tumor, hopefully benign" I stopped breathing, too. Happy ending...no tumor, no clear reason for the wacky adrenal, but easily corrected with an old fashioned blood pressure med that fixes both problems. I still get nervous just thinking about the wait for the good news! Enjoy. Judy

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